6 Hemorrhoids Myths, Truth Or Fiction? Internal Hemorrhoid Treatment Review Part 2

Welcome to part two of the articles series. This time we are going to see the top 6 myths of hemorrhoids and put an end to it once and for all. For goodness sake, let's keep our information straight. Fit and proper, I say.

Anyways, what are the myths? They are:

1. Hemorrhoids can become cancer, or is a prelude to cancer.

Now, c'mon. They're like two different things. Cancer is when your cells goes haywire and start replicating themselves like there's no tomorrow. Hemorrhoids is when your veins bulge and make the soft tissue around them to swell. So the answer is NO. Hemorrhoids is not a prelude of cancer or is a cancer.

2. One of the food ingredients responsible for hemorrhoids is black paper.

This is a definite maybe. What I mean is, well, if you can not stand spicy foods and consumes like a whole lot of them, for sure you're gonna feel something down below. Itchiness and stuffs. But this apply to all spicy ingredients, not only black paper. The key is moderation. Too much of something is never good.

3. Hemorrhoids only happen to elderlies.

Nah. It can happen to anyone. But it's true that when you got older, the vein walls will get weaker. It'll be easier for hemorrhoids to develop. Kegel exercise could help strengthen the vein walls if done properly.

4. Anal sex is the major cause of hemorrhoids.

It can make things worse, I'll give you that. But it's not the cause. So this is also a no.

5. Sitting too much at the street sidewalks or on a cold concrete floor causes hemorrhoids.

Say what? Does not matter where you sit. It's the same. Too much sitting causes extra pressure on the vein walls down below, even if you're sitting in a soft cushion. Just avoid giving too much pressure there, take a break every now and then if your job / activity involves a lot of sitting. So I would call this busted, but there's a ring of truth there on the sitting too much part.

6. Hemorrhoids will relapse and can not be completely cured.

This is also very wrong. Hemorrhoids relapse is caused by the same things that you do not change that got them to you in the first place. So you can cure it completely. Not only that, there's also a natural cure for it.