6 Hot Tips on How You Can Get Pregnant Fast and Stop Trying to Conceive

Have you been trying to conceive for a long time now without success? Are you frustrated about your inability to get pregnant? Then you have found the right article. In this article, I try to give you a couple of really valuable tips in your attempt to get pregnant fast.

1. Have sex in the missionary position.

Though there is a consensus among experts that no specific sexual position helps you get pregnant faster, a lot of gynecologist believe that having sex with the man on top and the woman lying down can increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly. Also placing a pillow below your hip to help tilt the pelvic back a little can also help sperm to flow more easily into the uterus.

2. Achieve orgasm to help with pregnancy.

Although orgasms and conception are two different things, having one during sex can also give you a good chance of getting pregnant. Orgasms cause the vaginal muscles to contract and this action can help push the sperm further into the uterus.

3. Be relaxed when trying to conceive

People are often stressed out about their inability to conceive. This can often impact negatively on your efforts to try and conceive. One of the best advices that I give to friends who are trying to get pregnant is that, stop trying. Stop stressing yourself as this can affect your menstrual cycle and other cause hormonal imbalances. Be as relaxed as possible when having sex.

4. Have a lot of sex

Don’t put off having sex until you ovulate. Having sex is the only way you can get pregnant so you and your partner should have an active sex life. Often you will realize that it is those who plan to only have sex when the woman is ovulating that find it hard to conceive.

5. Act pregnant.

When you want to get pregnant quickly, act pregnant. Do the things that someone pregnant will do. This simply means not doing drugs, alcohol and avoiding certain foods. It generally means taking very good care of your body. Your body must be ready to accept pregnancy.

6. Read as many resources as you can and join support groups.

Joining support groups, you can get a lot of helpful tips from people who have been through your situation and have successfully gotten pregnant. Also read a lot of resources you can get your hands on.