6 Important Phases of Structural CAD Service For Accurate Building

Business of building construction has got unique identification in real estate world. In the modern time all structural organization are using latest technologies for accurate building construction and AutoCAD is the most popular application that is widely used by structural engineers. Below various structural CAD services are explained in brief. Each structural phase has its unique identification.

Structural Design Drafting:

Structural drafting is an art of converting engineer’s calculation and sketches in to detailed presentations. After getting detailed presentation draftsmen create structural drawings. Drafting works like a bridge between engineer and contractors. CAD design and drafting play important role in various engineering sectors such as structural design and building design.

Structural Steel Detailing:

Structural steel detailing is most important and complex part of any structural projects. It assures building stability so it must be completed with maximum accuracy. Detail of each steel member and connections are evaluated through structural steel detailing. Software like Xsteel and Tekla are used widely for accurate steel detailing. Before starting steel detailing, a professional steel detailer must be aware with international standards and codes.

Structural Analysis:

Structural analysis is the process to predict about behavior of building in term of certain laws. Survival load of any building can be calculated through structural analysis. Various phases of building behavior like internal forces, stress, loads and external forces are evaluated using structural analysis.

Construction Documents:

At present time Construction documents are getting more and more attention of builders. It can be defined as set of various documents that contain building plans and other supportive papers. This process also used to create bidding documentation. Construction documentation starts with developer, draftsmen draft the sketches and provide functional documents to contractor and builders.

Steel Fabrication Drawings:

Steel fabrication drawings are the set of drawings that represents each building components. It provides various details like steel member detail drawings, connection details, anchor setting plans, column connection, erection drawings and shop bolt summary.

Rebar Detailing:

Rebar detailing can be defined as a steel bar detailing used in reinforcement concrete structures. Rebar detailing drawings include joint and slab details, bolted steel connection details, cross section details and retaining walls.