6 Pillars of Business & Marketing Success

To be successful, you need to do what the successful people do! It's really that simple. Here are what I've found to be the 6 pillars of business success:

1. Set Yourself Apart From The Rest!

Almost all businesses have some competition – other people selling the same, or similar, products. In order to survive and prosper yours your competitors, you have to set yourself apart from them.

Have you differentiated yourself from your competition? Is there something unique about your business, product, offer, or service? Study your product and your offer, and seek out what's unique about it.

Look at your competition. Study them! Pick their sales letters apart! Find out what they're missing that you could use to establish your uniqueness.

Always ask yourself these questions …

"Why should customers choose me over my competitors? What am I offering that other businesses are not? What are they getting from me that they're not getting from others?"

I see more and more people everyday, starting websites with the same set of ebooks, bundled up in the same way, promoting just about the same benefits. The only difference, if any, is the price – usually much lower than it should be.

If having a lower price is your only differentiating factor, you're in trouble because someone will always undercut you. Find unique qualities about your business, product, or offer other than low price.

If you do not set yourself apart by offering some unique positive and desirable benefit, your offer – and consequently, your business – will be lost among the other mediocre offers that exist.

2. Learn To Write Response-Generating Sales Copy!

Are your ads and sales letters sucking people in, creating mental pictures and movies in their minds of the benefits that they'll enjoy? Are your sales materials getting customers so hot that they buy on the spot?

Creating strong sales materials is crucial to your business success. The best product does not always get the sale; The best "sales presentation" does!

The quality of the product is obviously important. However, the customer will only buy if you can easily "convey" those unique qualities and benefits to him. Show him why he absolutely needs your product and why he 'll lose out if he does not buy!

You've worked hard to get customers to your site. Do not let that go to waste. Learn to create compelling ads and sales materials that get your customers hot and ready to buy "now!"

3. Make Some Noise!

Are you sitting quietly waiting people will somehow know that you exist? It's not gonna happen.

Get out there! Make yourself known. Go to the popular forums and contribute. Get in touch with other businesses and marketers and form alliances. Offer to co-create products with them.

Make outrageous claims! (As long as you can back them up.) Get publicity. Get press coverage and airtime if you can!

Make some noise! Get people to notice what you're doing! Make an impression on their minds. If they do not know you exist, they can not do business with you.

4. Build Your "Smart" Network!

Build a strong positive relationship with other businesses and marketers. But, be very selective about who you join forces with.

Find out which successful marketers possess the same values ​​and qualities as you do, and offer to joint venture with them.

Joint venture, in my opinion, is still the best way to grow your business quickly and cost-effectively! Make full use of it.

Most successful people will be more than happy to help you out. Take advantage of that. Ask for joint ventures. Ask for testimonials. Ask for help!

And help them back in return, whenever possible.

5. Nurture Your List!

Build a strong positive relationship with your prospects and clients!

Keep in touch with them regularly. Help them, guide them, protect them! Earn their respect and trust. Treat them as you would treat your friends.

If nothing else, send them some useful tips sometimes to help them reach their goals quicker.

And sell to them! Most marketers do not sell to their lists often enough. If you're offering them quality products they can benefit from, you're providing them with a great service!

If you really believe that a certain product would greatly benefit a friend, would you tell them about it? Of course you would! Treat your prospects and clients the same way. They'll be grateful to you for doing so!

Whenever possible, keep in touch with them on a regular basis, and build a strong positive relationship with them.

6. Keep Moving Forward!

Keep trying and testing so you can continue to improve and grow.

If things are going just as you planned, do not stop improving and growing. Continue to strive for better and better!

If something does not turn out exactly like you wanted it to, learn from it and move on. Because you now know what 'does not' work. You're way ahead of someone who's not trying at all due to fear of failure.

There's really no such thing as failure as long as you learn from it and improve what you're doing the next time around. Each failure is in fact another step towards success, towards your goals.

Remember, there is no such thing as failure! If you fall down, you can always get up and try something else. Falling down is not failure; staying down is.

Keep moving forward and do not ever stop!

If you focus on these 6 pillows consistently and use them to build your business, you will always end up at the top, leaving your competitors in the dust!

See you at the top!


Bryan Kumar

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