6 Power Drill Safety Tips

A power drill is not a complicated device. But with all power tools, safety needs to be respected. Imagine having a drill bit snap and end up lodged in your eye. A simple pair of safety glasses would have prevented that and you would have kept your eye sight. So let's look at some drill safety tips.

1. Do not wear long sleeves or loose clothing when drilling. Depending on the type of drill, a piece of clothing caught in the bit and wind up clothing extremely fast. Having your sleeve caught in the drill will cause extreme amounts of pain when there is no more sleeve left to get tangled.

2. Using a dust mask can help prevent you from inhaling your project. Even something as simple as wood can cause pain and bleeding in your respiratory tract.

3. As a general rule, always make sure your work is clamped down securely. Having a piece of metal or wood kick out and a drill bit go in to your leg would not be a pleasant experience.

4. Do not force the drill to drill. Instead, let the machine do its job. This goes for sanding as well.

5. You should always start off very slow and work up to a higher speed. Starting off fast is only going to have the drill bit dance around and end up other than in your work.

6. And finally, take your time. The number one reasons accidents happen in the shop is from people rushing. If it takes 2 minutes to drill through a piece of sheet metal, do not try to get it done in 30 seconds.