6 Quick Cheap Decorating Ideas Under 50 Dollars

Are you tired of your current surroundings but find yourself short on cash? Don’t despair. Interior makeovers don’t always equate to thousands of dollars and major room transformations. Often it is the little things that make the greatest impact. Here are a few tips to get you inspired.

Add a splash of color

If your accent color is soft shade like smoky blue, consider one of the deeper, more vibrant jewel tones. A bright-lemon chiffon will brighten up a room that has grown tired of darker colors. It can be done simply by adding splashes of color in a vase, decorative bowl, candles or pillows.

Add ambient lighting

The lighting of a room sets the mood and accents the nicest features. Add canister lighting behind floor plants or corner furniture pieces, put small task lighting under cabinet frames in the kitchen or just add a new lamp to an entry table. Subtle yet effective.

Add plants

When used as decorative accent pieces, plants add warmth and life to a home. With so many colors, varieties, shapes and sizes, plants are one of the most versatile features you can add to your decor. Uses can range from adding height and a focal point to adding a splash of color.

Before purchasing a plant, keep in mind where you plan to use it so you can choose one that will thrive in the conditions where it will be placed. Having to line up a roomful of plants on a windowsill because they need more light defeats the purpose.

You can also choose a beautiful lifelike plant that never needs watering or pruning and can survive the harshest of environments, like a dried topiary or an artificial plant. Though plants that are this lifelike exceed the $50 price, in the long run they can actually cost less than live plants.

Rearrange furniture

If your room dimensions make it impossible to rearrange the furniture without upsetting the flow of traffic, consider moving side tables, adding a side table that might be employed in another room or removing them altogether.

Furniture makeover

You will feel as if you have purchased all new furniture simply by adding, or changing, the existing accent pieces. If you currently have a beige sofa with beige throw pillows, purchase a set of vibrantly colored pillows with a chenille throw of the same color to casually drape across the sofa. The impact is huge.

Replace cabinet hardware

Changing drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can completely redefine a room. If you are going for a dramatic change, shoot for extremes. White cabinets with existing white hardware changed to red pulls would certainly qualify as a kitchen makeover.