6 Reasons Why You Really Should Visit the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, Israel is one of those spots you've heard about, seen on TV travel programs and always wondered about … so quit that wonderful and get yourself over to Israel! Yes, you too can join the hordes of tourists covered in mud, or float in the amazing salty water, hands aloft holding yesterday's newspaper as you catch up on the latest headlines.

There are a ton of reasons why you should come and visit. Here are just six, six of the very best …

  • The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth at some 420 meters below sea level. How low can you go on your next holiday?
  • If you like salt, you'll love it here. It's very salty, in fact, it's known in Hebrew as the Yam HaMelah (The Salt Sea). Just a word of warning: do not go in straight after shaving or waxing!
  • The high concentration of salts and minerals provides muds full of minerals to smother on tourist skin, thermomineral springs to bathe in, and salty water to float in.
  • If you like it warm and sultry, you'll like the climate at the Dead Sea. It's pretty warm all year round though in the summer can get stifling (up to 40C), with very little rain to worry about.
  • There are a number of important historical sites in the area, including the fortress of Masada, the caves of Qumran and Mount Sdom.
  • If you're looking to get healthy and get those batteries recharged, then spend some time in the Dead Sea. You will not regret it.