6 Simple Things to Do to Look and Feel Great – Part I

Losing weight can be very frustrating. It takes a lot of discipline, motivation and hard work. But there is a better way to get closer to your weight loss goal. Just be patient and consistent. So here are the 6 simple changes you can make to your diet today to lose weight:

1) Plan ahead: write down on a list all the foods you would like to eat this week. A healthy menu can be with fish, poultry, beans and legumes accompanied with lots of vegetables and fruits. I usually sit down have a cup of coffee and do it every Sunday evening. It will also help you eliminate all these junk food thoughts.

2) Eat four or five servings of vegetables and fruits a day: by adding extra fruits and vegetables, you will be more likely to lose weight because they are low in calories and high in important vitamins and nutrients.

3) Drink more water: replace all sodas, sports drinks and sugary beverages with plain water. Water has no calories and is a basic part of any healthy-eating plan. When you drink all the water you need, you will very quickly notice a decrease in your appetite, possibly even from the first day!

4) Switch From sugar to natural sweeteners: because sugar is addictive and most of it is hidden in the foods and drinks we enjoy everyday, reducing sugar in our diets is not so easy. A teaspoon of sugar in the coffee or tea has about 15 calories, if you switch to natural sweeteners you can reduce that number to zero.

5) Switch to whole grains: when whole grains are milled into refined grains (white flour, white bread, etc), the bran, the germ and their nutrients are lost. Whole grains are very beneficial for our health and weight loss goals.

6) Cut out all fried foods: fried foods are often at the top of people's food preferences. The main reason why fried foods are not healthy to eat is because they often contain Tran's fats. There are healthier techniques that can be used to cook these foods by grilling, baking or boiling them.