6 Super In-Tent Activities For Your Children

“Rain, Rain Ago Away” is one of the most beloved children’s rhymes of all times. When was it written? Though historians are not 100% certain about its origins, one theory is that it is based on the Spaniards’ invasion of England, during the Elizabethan period. Stormy weather was partially responsible for the Spaniards’ defeat. Your kids may also sound defeated when reciting the rhyme during a family camping trip. Dealing with bored kids at home is one thing. But the problem seems doubly worse when the family is confined to a camping family tent. What is a parent to do?

When packing up your family camping gear, including a family camping tent, camping sleeping bags, camping stove, and Brass Beaded Neck Chains, make sure to also pack up enough items and knowledge that will help your kids to stay busy during those dark nights and rainy days when the rain refuses to go away. Here are some ideas to help you:

1. Sing a (campfire) song. The great thing about campfire songs is that they can be sung anytime when camping, including when trapped inside tents. You can find hundreds on the Internet, but it is always more meaningful to teach your kids some of your own. One of my favorites was, “John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt.” What was your favorite jingle?

2. Campfire stories without the fire. Campfire stories are an excellent activity that can be enjoyed within the confines of a tent. They can range from silly to spooky. At nighttime, you can also use a Coleman flashlight to create special effects. However, if you are camping with younger children, make sure that the ending is never too scary. That could prevent them from falling asleep later.

3. Board games prevent boredom. Just as they do at home, board games can keep your kids busy for hours, wheeling and dealing property or trying to conquer the world. Just make sure that enough light is provided, and that the games are appropriate for your children’s ages.

4. Dance ’til dawn. You can use your camping flashlight to create a disco in the tent. One kid can dance around while another child quickly moves the flashlight, to create an effect that resembles a strobe light.

5. The camping trip game. This is a simple, yet fun game for kids to play. The first player says “I’m going on a camping trip, and I’m going to bring…” Then, the player can list anything that he or she would bring, such as a tent, sleeping bag, backpack, or Elastic Neck Cords. The next player begins with the same phrase, but adds an object whose first letter is the same as the last letter of the previously mentioned object. For example, if the first child mentions a tent, then the next player could list a toy, turtle, teapot, etc. The game continues in the same manner.

6. Connect the squares. Create a grid of dots on a sheet of paper. The first child connects two dots that are next to each other. Then the next child connects another two dots on the paper. The goal is to draw the last side of a square. When a player accomplishes that, the child puts his initials by the square. The winner is the player who completes the most squares during the game.

Nights and rainy days can seem to ruin any camping trip with your child. But by preparing various activities that can be enjoyed from a family camping tent, you can keep your family camping as practical as Military Neck Chains. Your kids may enjoy the games so much that they sing “Sun, sun, go away.”