6 Things Everyone Moving In a Metro City Will Relate To

Most of the people come to settle in a metro city for more opportunities and a better lifestyle. Students move to cities mainly for pursuing higher studies. Young professionals come when they get placed in some multinational companies with better jobs. Sometimes, entire families move for various other reasons. Many small town dwellers are also found in different cities. It is true that a city offers various essential amenities of life that a small town cannot provide. It is one of the major factors that attract dwellers from different parts of the country.

Here are some of the experiences and problems that are faced when one moves to a metro city. They are as follows –

A bigger hole in the pocket

Everything in a metro is high in price. Right from the groceries you buy to the apartment that you rent are all extremely high priced. Suddenly, you may feel that your lump sum pay package has converted into nothing but a huge hole in your pocket. That means it is very costly to stay and permanently live in a metro city than in a small town.

The traffic

In small town or village, there is no concept of traffic regulations because all the roads are yours. You may drive your vehicles across the roads back in your town. This is because the number of vehicles that run in a small town is comparatively much less than that in a metro city. But when you move to a metro city, you cannot avoid being stuck in a huge traffic jam.

Not so friendly neighbours

In a small town, everybody is known to everybody. In a metro city, even the next door neighbour will be unknown to you. They could play loud music, always fight and yell a lot.

The pace of life

Your impossible office timings, college timings, and hectic schedules are enough to make your life disgusting. The long distance between your workplace/college and home is one of the many instances.

Organic? What does that mean?

Organic means simply organic in your hometown. But in metro cities, organic means expensive fashion.

You either love it, or you hate it

After all these changes, either you will love to live permanently in the city or you will want to escape from the city back to your home town.

I hope these six points will be helpful to you.