6 Tips to Eliminate the Threats of Internet Security

Without internet, computer is just one kind of terminal machine. It is the internet that plays the important role in our daily life. I guess there are lots of people will have such amazing feeling that life seems to be much easier and more convenient when your computer is connected with Internet. You can watch movies, listen to music, read the e-magazine as well as purchase what you need online. We all feel excited that we are living the new century and can enjoy the convenience brought by these electronic equipments. At the same time, we will have to face many security threats. The viruses, Trojans, spyware and malicious malware are all exist on the Internet. Those viruses or malware will utilize the network to attack our computer system such as utilizing the system vulnerabilities to enter into the computer, creating the fishing website, sending the mail bomb, etc. How can we evade these threats effectively? 6 tips will offer us the utmost help.

1. Install the must have software before you put the computer in the working state.

When you get the computer, the important thing you should do is make sure that you have installed the must have software, the firewall, the anti-virus software before the computer do all kinds of work for you.

As we all know computer without any protection could be more easily attacked by hackers, viruses and Trojans. Personally Advanced SystemCare Pro which is regarded as the versatile software will be a good choice.

2. Do remember to update the anti-virus software timely.

Lots of new virus will be generated and spread on the internet. Even your computer has installed the anti-virus software, if you do not update it timely, then it cannot detect and clean the newly-generated virus. So it is very important to update your anti-virus software timely.

3. Check your computer system and fix the system vulnerabilities in time.

Generally speaking, virus and Trojans will enter our computer when your computer system is vulnerable. So if you want keep your computer safe and far away from the Internet security threats, you need to fix the vulnerabilities once you find them.

4. You’d better close the sharing function.

Another channel that the hacker or virus can utilize is the sharing function. We all know that the sharing function can help us to facilitate the communication. But the negative effect is it also provides the opportunity for hacker’s attack. So if you want to enjoy the safe network, you’d better close the sharing function.

5. Think twice before you browse the doubtful websites.

Viruses can be everywhere on the internet. Usually some websites are the best place for them to hide. When the computer users browse such websites, their computer will be infected. And before you open the web page, the anti-virus software you installed on your computer will give you some warnings. At this time, you’d better stop opening it.

6. Develop the habit of backing up the important files.

No matter how carefully you treat the virus, your computer is likely to be attacked. So in order to prevent the loss of some important files, you’d better develop the habit of back up these files into an external memory.