6 Ways To Identify Common Chicken Health Problems And Chicken Illnesses

When you have a flock of chickens in your backyard, you need to know how to prevent and recognize common chicken health problems and chicken illnesses.

Raising your own flock is usually pretty easy because they are pretty hale and hearty birds when kept under ideal conditions. But, even when kept in ideal conditions, you can still have to deal with illnesses, parasite infestations and injuries.

The two keys to preventing common chicken health problems and chicken illnesses are to provide dry, draft proof housing and conduct regular checks on your hens and roosters. Solid housing will help prevent most common chicken health problems and you will be able to quickly identify and resolve any illnesses that crop up just by keeping a close eye on your flock.

What are the signs that you have a sick hen? Look at these 6 things.

* 1. Make sure your flock is busily scratching around their area.

* 2. Any chickens that are not moving around need to be watched.

* 3. Are any chickens holding their wings or tail down?

* 4. Make sure they are all breathing normally.

* 5. Look for any discharge from the eyes or nasal passages.

* 6. Check any odd looking chickens for parasites.

What do you do if you notice that a chicken or several of your birds appear to be ill?

The first step is to capture and isolate any hen or rooster that looks sick as quickly as possible. Separating them from the rest of the flock is vital to helping prevent the spread of any illnesses.

You will also have to be sure and not spread the illness yourself. Change your shoes and clothes when you leave the area your sick chicken or chickens are being kept in. Do not go around your well chickens without putting on different clothes and thoroughly washing your hands. Common chicken health issues can be easily spread to the rest of your flock if you don’t take these simple precautions.