66 Ways to Lessen Stress and Feel Happier

1. Hang out with positive people
2. Avoid negative people
3. Hang up pictures of loved ones
4. Call a friend
5. Call a relative you have not been in touch with for a long time just to say "Hi, I was thinking about you!"
6. Smile at someone
7. Acknowledge a complete stranger with a greetings, good morning, etc
8. Whenever you hear an ambulance or police siren, silently wish everyone well
9. Sing! Make a point of singing out loud
10. Laugh at yourself
11. Keep a folder of funny (tasteful) jokes & pictures around your desk to lift your spirits
12. Mail a note to a former teacher, any teacher from primary school through university thanking them
13. Write out a thank you card or note and send it to your local fire station
14. Write a sincere and positive "letter to the Editor" about any issue you like
15. Write a letter to your mother thanking her for something she has given you
16. Sincerely compliment at least 3 people
17. Acknowledge yourself for a job well done or for a well-deserved compliment
18. Keep a good job folder full of thank you notes from other people and special recognitions
19. Celebrate a previous success
20. Take a couple of deep breaths
21. Get up and walk around
22. Look out a window
23. Wish upon a star
24. Get a glass of water
25. Eat a healthy snack
26. Get some fresh air
27. Find an outdoor swing and hop on
28. Turn on the radio or change the station
29. Learn, try and save a new ethnic food today
30. Spend some time by yourself in an art gallery and really look at the art
31. Adjust your focus – look at something else for a few minutes
32. Give yourself permission to day dream for a minute or two
33. Give yourself permission to be non-judicialal for as long as you can practice
34. Visit a florist and admire the flowers
35. Buy a single flower or a small bouquet and give it away
36. Buy, grow and nurture a plant
37. Volunteer your time
38. Donate to the food bank
39. Pay for the vehicle behind you in the drive-through
40. Take a box of soft chocolates to a seniors' residence
41. Make or buy two lunches for yourself today and give one away
42. Go through your closet and find 3 items that you will take to a charity today
43. Treat yourself to something special, but inexpensive enough that there are no feelings of guilt
44. Buy yourself something at a thrift store
45. Buy something for a friend at a thrift store
46. ​​Rearrange furniture or paint a wall
47. Organize your work area
48. Clean up a cluttered area in your house
49. Restate your goals for life, get back in focus
50. Get a different perspective on the situation
51. Name the good things in your life
52. Remember your strengths
53. Recall a special event in your life and relive the good feelings
54. Before you go to sleep tonight, let your last thoughts be "Thank you!"
55. When you wake up tomorrow let your first words be "Thank you!"
56. Close your eyes and silently thank someone in your life who has had a positive effect on you
57. Write down one person from each decade of your life that you have positively affected
58. Teach somebody something that you know with patience and attention
59. Challenge yourself today and do something nice for someone you do not really like
60. Clip out an article or picture that someone you know might like and mail it to them
61. Learn something from someone today being attentive and grateful for the new knowledge
62. Go to an animal shellter to visit the animals, make a donation before you leave
63. Introduce someone new into your circle of friends
64. Keep some potpourri on your desk or light painted candles
65. Say something nice to someone
66. Imagine something fun that will have a positive effect on you or others and go do it.