7 Areas Most Maid Services Forget to Clean

When hiring a professional maid service to clean a home people expect everything to be spotless after every cleaning session. After all, someone hiring a service clearly needs help maintaining a clean household, and has decided to allocate part of their income to get that help. But even the best cleaning service will at some point neglect to clean something in a client's home. They might forget once or they might forget an area on a regular basis. This article describes the seven areas most often forgotten by cleaning services.

Since maid services sweep, mop, and vacuum floors, it stands to reason that clearing baseboards would have been included in this part of the cleaning process. However, baseboards are often overlooked or simply just not cleaned. Coming home to a freshly cleaned house gives people a wonderful feeling; noting that the baseboards are dusty all the cleanliness does not.

Ceiling Corners
People often overlook what is not right in front of them; a prime example is the dusty cobweb taking over an endless ceiling corner in a room. Cleaning ceiling corners using a duster with a long handle needs to be done regularly, such as weekly or every other week, to prevent cobwebs from forming.

Ceiling Fans
In addition to ceiling corners, ceiling fans are often forgotten by maid services. It is important to clean ceiling fans regularly to keep dust from flying around when they are turned on. In cold seasons ceiling fans tend not to be used much, which allows dust to settle. Maid services forget about this fact and neglect ceiling fans until summer.

Doorknobs are one of the most often touched items in a home. This makes them one of the most important things to clean during each cleaning session. An anti-bacterial wipe or just about any household cleaner will wipe those germs away.

Under and Behind Appliances
People might clean around things like toasters and refrigerators, and washers and dryers, but when they hire a professional maid service, shortcuts like this are not acceptable. Major appliances need to be moved and thoroughly cleaned under and behind several times each year. Minor appliances like coffee makers and toasters need to be moved and cleaned under during every cleaning session.

Behind Toilets
Cleaning services almost certainly never overlooks toilets, but the area behind them often is completely forgotten. Every time a toilet is cleaned, the area behind it needs to be cleaned to prevent the accumulation of tangled hair, lint, and dust.

Under Cushions
Maid services are good about tidying chairs and couches, but cleaning under the cushions is often forgotten. Using the hose attachment, this should be done when vacuuming rugs and carpets.