7 Caravan Must Haves

The list of things you should have ready for your caravanning holiday is highly subjective. There are however a few things that no caravanner, whether it’s your 1st or 51st time should be without. This article lists the top 7.

  1. First aid kit: In the first aid kit you should have a basic first aid manual, antiseptic spray or wipes, plasters, bandages, insect repellent and treatments for bites, paracetamol, eye-wash/eye bath, tweezers and scissors. It is also a good place to keep any other medication that you take on a regular basis. You will need to remember to top up any items that have been used. You must have a fire extinguisher or blanket in the caravan, some also have a red fire bucket with sand in it.
  2. Porch awning: This is especially important if you have young children as it can provide shade in strong sunlight, or protection from the bad weather. To make the best use of your awning it is best to also buy a breathable ground-sheet.
  3. Large water carrier: More often than not you will have a trek to the sites water pump. The carrier can be as big as 40 litres and while it’s full it’s usually stored outside the caravan.
  4. Waste water carrier: Staying with the water theme, to avoid water from your taps and shower going into the ground and turning your pitch in to a bog, you can buy a ‘grey’ water carrier. This is not suitable for water from your on board toilet.
  5. Leisure battery: A leisure battery can be connected to your caravan and supply the power needed to power the fridge and water pumps. The power will also go to the plug sockets and can buy low voltage toasters and kettles which reduces the risk of power outages.
  6. Gas bottles and stove: Although some of the larger caravans will have their own hob it will be electric. It’s handy to have a gas stove as a back-up in case of an electricity outage.
  7. Wind up equipment: This type of torch is the best to bring with you for wandering about the campsite in the evening. If you are planning on sitting outside long after the sun has gone done, then an LED lamp will use less power and save on batteries. If you like background noise then a clockwork radio is ideal.

This list is not exhaustive, there are probably some things that you could not do without, like your young child’s favourite toy or the T.V but this list should see you well on the way to a perfect caravan holiday.