7 Commonly Used Spanish Words You Should Know Before Moving To Latin America

In this lesson I have 7 commonly used Spanish words that you should know before moving or relocating to Latin America. All of these 7 words are household words. Let’s begin with how to say light switch in Spanish:

1. Interruptor – switch as in “light switch”

La oscuridad impedía ver el inerruptor.

The darkness prevented seeing the light switch.

By the way, in Colombia the “gente” (people) are familiar with the word “interruptor” but the word that I hear Colombians use for light switch is “switche.” Obviously, they “borrowed” the word “switche” from our English language.

How to say electrical outlet in Spanish:

2. Toma (de corriente eléctrica) – electrical outlet

Enchufa esto en la toma.

Plug this in the outlet.

How to say electrical plug in Spanish:

3. Enchufe – electrical plug

El enchufe de la licuadora ya no sirve, hay que cambiarlo por uno nuevo.

The blender’s plug no longer works, you have to change it for a new one.

How to say to plug something-in in Spanish:

4. Enchufar – to plug something in

Enchufaste la lámapara que está cerca de tu cama.

You plugged in the lamp that is near your bed.

By the way, if you use the verb “conectar” (to connect) instead of “enchufar” you will also be understood by Spanish speakers.

How to say to unplug something in Spanish:

5. Desenchufar – to unplug

Antes de lamer la batidora, desenchúfala

Before licking the mixer/beater, unplug it.

How to say to turn something off in Spanish:

6. Apagar – to turn off as in to turn off the lights.

Cuando salgan, apaguen la luz.

When you guys leave, turn out the lights.

How to say to turn something on in Spanish:

7. Prender – to turn on as in turn on the lights.

Prendieron la luz.

They turned on the lights.

Be aware that in Spain you are likely to hear Spanish speaks use the verb “encender” instead of “prender.”

Before I conclude today’s lesson on 7 commonly used Spanish words that you should know before moving or relocating to Latin America, I want to say “gracias” to all the concerned subscribers to my learning Spanish newsletter who who sent me emails asking if I was O.K. after hearing on “las noticias” (the news) that in one day over 180 people died in a “derrumbe” (landslide) in Medellin.

It was a very unfortunate “desastre” (disaster). From what I heard, Medellin and the rest of Colombia have not had this much rain in about 40 years, and it has caused massive “derrumbes” (landslides) throughout Colombia.