7 Easy Christmas Gifts For Diabetics

If you’re used to buying candy and chocolate for friends and family at Christmas time, you may be among many who struggle to find a suitable gift for someone who is diabetic.

It doesn’t matter whether the person you’re buying for is a Type 1 (insulin dependent) or Type 2 (adult onset) diabetic, although their diet may need to be slightly different, there are gifts will work equally well for both.

So here’s our top seven ideas to give you inspiration for buying the perfect gift this holiday season:-

1. Fruit Gift Basket – the perfect easy solution if you’re buying online or from a store. This is the perfect present for any time of year, make up with seasonal fruits the day before to ensure it’s fresh. The basket makes a great keepsake once all the fruit has been eaten and enjoyed!

2. Food Hamper – a great homemade gift that’s simple to make yourself. Include nuts, cheese, coffee, pate, tea, wholegrain crackers/biscuits, wholemeal pasta and other low carb and sugar free foods. Don’t include items with refined flour or sugar.

3. Dark Chocolate – contrary to what many people think, this is probably better for your health than regular chocolate. Go for a bar of at least 70% solids or buy a small selection of Belgian style dark chocs for a special treat. Do not be tempted to purchase “diabetic chocolate” or any similarly labelled products item in the store – these can work out far more expensive than putting something together yourself.

4. Skin Care/Beauty – this is a failsafe present. As some diabetics struggle with dryer skin, choose moisturizing items that are based on natural ingredients. A good gift during cold winter months is a luxury hand cream or chap stick for lips – the sort of item that folk often don’t make time or the budget to buy for themselves.

5. Insulin & Pump Accessories – how about a funky cool bag – when travelling or on vacation, it’s helpful to have a small cool bag to carry insulin and keep it chilled. Of course, this is also useful for taking lunches / sandwiches / picnics on warm summer days too! There are some small bags that can easily be slung over a shoulder in great patterns and colors. Teen Pump patches are just one of the fun insulin pump accessories available. You can also choose from cool pump cases, trendy ID bracelets and waterproof cases to allow for the most active and energetic of lifestyles for pumpers.

6. Freshly Baked Cookies – a simple homemade treat that anyone can bake with ingredients you’re likely to have in your store cupboard. Wrap carefully for the ultimate in thoughtful home made gifts.

7. Cookbook – choose from low carb or sugar free, or a cook book specially created to work for a diabetic lifestyle. Or how about a cookery book on summer salads, slow cooker meals, French cooking (any woman will love this if she’s watched the “Julie & Julia” movie)

Of course, these ideas are just to give you a little inspiration and help get you started – hopefully they’ll enable you to find the perfect creative present!