7 Great Reasons to Get Kids Active

Kids Aged 0-7: 7 Great Reasons to Get Them Active

Today’s lifestyles are pretty full-on, most of us (parents) are feeling like there’s enough on our plate with work, families, husbands, wives! What’s more, we often feel like there is enough on our children’s plates too. Kids in kindergarten can have homework, musical tuition and a social calendar that leaves us feeling like we have no friends! Better get on Facebook.

Despite all of the above activities, they’re becoming less coordinated and more obese!

So what can we do?

It’s a pretty safe bet to suggest most parents want the best for their children. Some might suggest however that ‘best’ refers to academic excellence, a large family home with no yard, and a lunchbox full of shiny packaged foods. Enough activity can sometimes be left as an afterthought.

Rewind the clock to the 1960s, 70s and the early 80s, take a look at any video footage or photos you can find. Our lifestyles were far more active. Yes, we studied hard, however please read this bit carefully: you can teach your brain at any stage to learn theory; but these formative years are absolutely vital for developing coordination, strength and most importantly a desire to be active. Kids need to be kids and the happiest, healthiest kids are the ones who can throw a ball, jump and run without feeling they’re embarrassing themselves.

Here are some simple steps to getting your kids moving in the right direction.

With your child/children, take a notepad and draft up a typical week. Get them involved. Fill in everything they have on for that week. Take another page and draft another week and fill the most important things for your child in that week. Now find the empty spaces and in bold lettering write PLAY TIME. Stick it to the fridge and get them to look at it every day.

7 reasons why you should prioritise children being active –

  1. Activity increases self-confidence and self-belief, an extremely important part of development that will cultivate friendships and leadership qualities
  2. Activity will enhance concentration for learning and understanding new challenges – it keeps the brain fresh
  3. Activity burns body fats for energy, keeping your child fitter and leaner
  4. Activity over a sustained period will develop passions and interests that help maintain a balanced lifestyle for today and into the future
  5. Activity will lessen the chance of health-related disease such as diabetes and skin conditions
  6. Activity with parents will strengthen the bond between child and parent
  7. Activity with parents will help develop a healthy relationship around behavioural patterns and in turn develop a happier, healthier child

Now, really, isn’t that what’s ‘best’ for our child/children?