7 Powerful Strategies For Staying Positive

There is so much going on in the world today that can throw anybody off their center. Being able to keep your attention on accomplishing goals, feeling in control of your life, your emotions, your future, is one of the greatest challenges we face. To get your hands back on the steering wheel, you are going to need some planned out program to help you stay on your game. And for those who are embarking on adopting a more positive attitude, here are some tried and true strategies for achieving your goal.

1) Divert your thoughts. Find something humorous, passionate, or interesting and absorbing to think about. When confronted with negative feelings or situations, taking a breather from that reality is the fastest way to convert the vibes around you. Thought is creative, so whatever our thoughts are focused on is attracted to us. Go play with your dog, see a funny movie. Treat yourself to something nice. Listen to music that moves you. Changing what we’re doing, changes what we’re thinking about, changes the energy around us.

2) Educate yourself. Take classes. Go listen to people who are productive and positive. Being in the energy of a motivating force, often can be just the catalyst necessary to shift our energy.

3) Cleanse the mind and body. There are several ways to accomplish this. Our body and minds are interconnected. What effects one, has impact on the other. If the body is unhealthy, the mind will surely suffer, as the body is the environment it creates from. If the mind is unhealthy, it’s negativity can pollute the body with the different substances it secretes into the bloodstream. There are many cures for working with our negative thoughts and many books written on the subject. I believe in the power of forgiveness as the most comprehensive approach to cleansing negative thinking. The Ancient Hawaiian Therapy, Ho’oponopono, is one of the easiest practices I’ve come across. It involves a bit of study to understand the philosophy. Then simple statements are said daily which, when used in negative situations, have the power to cleanse. As for the body, a complete nutritional cleanse is the way to support the body while allowing it to detox. With the right products and guidance, this program can change the inner chemistry of the body as well as assist in reducing the acidity in the system, bringing the body to a greater level of alkalization. An alkalized body, is a happy body.

4) Use a Ritual everyday. This reminds you to stay on course. Whether it’s reading from an inspirational book, meditating, or stating affirmations constant repetition is the way we learn and can retrain our thoughts. Upon waking you can sit quietly and just imagine your day as you would like it. Forgetting about reality as you know it, and just being in the creative thought process of paving the way of your day. This technique is known as Pre-Paving. Never underestimate the power of imagination!

5) Stay away from negative people and situations. While this sometimes can’t be avoided, when you are in those environments, relying on some of the other tips to stay positive come into play. If you’re concerned about losing your current friends, the good news is that once you have secured a habit of thinking positive, that will become your point of attraction. Simply put, that means that the energy around you will be attracting similar vibrations. It’s kind of like a tuning fork. Once you send out its frequency, corresponding frequencies magnetize to it. You might meet new people who are like lost friends, or will surely feel that way. Things will start to change around you for the better. It’s sure!

6) Get into a good plan of eating. Food is the most powerful drug you put in your body. The effects of poor eating do more than just increase your waistline. Food can literally change the bodies chemistry to such an extent that it can sour you from within. Aside from all the harmful effects on the physical body, the mental outlook is severely compromised. Think about some of the side effects of foods you eat or drinks you consume. Remember the awful feeling you had inside as a result? That feeling contributes to so many problems for the brain to function in a healthy manner. Giving the body a weekly cleanse day is an excellent way to release impurities lodged in the system. Studies show that toxins can remain in the body for years. Cleansing is like giving your body/mind an oil change. You’ll feel renewed!

7) Exercise. Get your body moving. Be outside where you can be in touch with nature. A natural environment has a subliminal impact as well as an obvious one of centering the spirit. When you exercise, the hormones secreted promote healthy brain function.

There is one thing you can do that takes almost no effort on your part, but will bring about an immediate improved outlook. SMILE. A smile produces endorphins that are feel good juices running through the body. Set up a plan for to keep your Spirits UP. It may take a moment to get the routine to sink in, but once it does, you’re gonna be a powerful magnet to all good things.

c2009 Hara Taicher