7 Powerful Tools to Attract Perfect Clients

Who is your perfect client?

What does he or she value? How much money does he or she want to spend? Where does your client go on vacation? How easy is it for your client to make a decision?

As you clarify your vision of your perfect client, you set an intention for these people to find you. You stop and invite perfect clients into your life. You do not have to figure out how they will find you.

When you become very clear on something that you want, is not it easier to find it? Let's say you want a new computer. How much do you want to spend? What does it need to do? How much memory do you need? How fast should it operate? Does it need to be networked to other computers or your printer? If you are not specific, you know the wide range of products that can come in the door. When you become very clear – your next home, your next car, your next vacation, your next pet – the right choices will come to you in a much easier fashion. You will find it easier to recognize the right choices because you are clear on what you want.

Power tool to attract clients # 1: Focus on a client that you really like. Focus on a client for what you could do no wrong. List the attributes of that client.

Power tool to attract clients # 2: Seriously representative letting go of clients who are taking your energy. You know the clients I am talking about. You would rather clean the toilet than hang out with these clients. You see the caller ID and you run. These are the clients you need to release.

Power tool to attract clients # 3: Become even more clear on the clients you seek – perhaps you sell web site design. Your perfect client seeks a dozen sites designed over the next year and has venture funding to pay you well. He or she wants to give you a lot of freedom, responsibility, pay and respect. That sounds like a great client to me.

Power tool to attract clients # 4: Stop looking so hard. Tell all your friends. Tell your relatives. In real estate and MLM businesses, this is called communicating with your sphere of influence. Your haircutter, your mailman. You have no idea if people would love, honor and respect your services if they have no idea you provide those services. Do not close off opportunity by neglecting to share what you are looking for with people you see every day.

Power tool to attract clients # 5: Dream about clients calling you out of the blue. This is a funny one, most people can not really do it. Have a daydream moment where you picture someone showing up in your life, needing your services. Here is an example that happened for me recently. I flew to Seattle to attend a power workshop. My intention was to enjoy the workshop and learn a ton. The night before the workshop, I went to a VIP party and landed two writing gigs that I was not seeking. Just chatting about perfect clients attracted them to me, without even trying.

Power tool to attract clients # 6: Be open to new opportunities. Do not be surprised, with this mindset, if your gardener sends you a perfect client. It's crazy what can happen when you open your mind.

Power tool to attract clients # 7: Be that which you are seeking. This will help you attract more excellence. The Law of Attraction says like attract like. So what are you like? Do you make decisions easily? Do you stress and analyze forever? As long as you like clients like that, no problem. If you want a change, change yourself.

Who is your perfect client? Is he or she someone who:

o needs your product or service

o will refer your business to many clients a lot like them

o makes decisions easily

o pays for your service on time and with ease

o is friendly and easy to work with

o communicates clearly and lets you know how you can help them

Stop everything you are doing now and grab a pencil or pen.
Write a list of your perfect client attributes. Do not worry if you are busy, or if you are not sure really why you need to list what is perfect. You are most likely able to come up with a dozen reasons to not do this right this moment, but do it anyway. Stop and list what would be incredible, awesome, inspiring and true in your favorite customers. What do you want to see? Picture it now.

Are you done yet? No, not yet!

Now that you have a list of at least 10 attributes of your perfect client, let's take this a step further. Picture feelings of excitement, joy, and delight when this person or people come into your life. Picture yourself knowing with certainty that you are meeting all of the right people, all of your perfect clients, right now. Imagine these clients were always around you and you could not see them before.

You are on your way.