7 Rules to Put Cardboard Displays to Work for Your Dollar Store Startup

One of the easiest ways to make a hit when you throw the doors of your dollar store startup open for the first time is by have large quantities of a wide range of items on display. Many shoppers will be pleasantly surprised to see all the choices. Many will also be impressed by the large quantities and are often motivated to make purchases just because of the resulting positive impression. In this article I present 7 rules to put cardboard displays to work for your dollar store startup. Read on for some of the simple tricks to making these disposable displays real workhorses in your store.

1. Assemble the disposable cardboard displays with care.

It is important to remember these displays are made of cardboard. They are designed for temporary use. Take care to follow the assembly directions. You will have a functional display in minutes. Best of all, most are brightly colored and will attract shopper attention immediately.

2. Watch the amount of weight you place onto a display.

As noted above, these are not made for heavy-duty work. So watch the amount of weight you stack in them. Also make sure to balance the load so one of the sides doesn’t unexpectedly collapse on you.

3. Use displays to fill holes with little or no other merchandise.

Many are light and easy to move, even when filled with product. Use the lighter displays to fill holes in your store. Simply move the entire display and instantly you have an impressive quantity of product at the location which only moments earlier looked empty.

4. Mix and match products to add-on extra sales.

When possible locate cardboard displays close to complementary products. For example, a display of sponges or scrub brushes could be placed right next to household cleaners. Or possibly displays filled with make-up items could be placed next to complementary health and beauty items.

5. Breakdown displays as the products sell down.

Don’t allow these temporary displays to remain in the floor once they have sold down. Pull the remaining products and place them on shelves in appropriate locations. After all the positive impression can soon become a negative impression if this isn’t done.

6. Move displays to a new location if items aren’t selling.

Don’t allow products to sit unsold. If the first location you select isn’t working, then move the display to another part of your store. If it still isn’t selling, move the products onto the shelves in appropriate aisles.

7. Keep the best cardboard displays for use in the future.

Some of the displays will be a little heavier duty. They will last long after your dollar store startup has taken place. With a little work other products could be displayed in them. Hold on to these displays – you never know when they will come in handy.

Disposable cardboard displays take the guesswork out of putting together a great first impression during your dollar store startup. Be sure to purchase a good assortment of products that come to you with their own cardboard displays. It is quick and easy to assemble and stock the displays. Give them a try – you will be glad you did.