7 Signs That Indicate It's Bad Timing for a Relationship

Connecting with someone special can be a beautiful experience. However, both individuals must be able to commit and not let outside obstacles get in the way of their budding romance. Like everything, love can come at the wrong time regardless of how strong two people's feeling are for each other. No number of marriage blogs will prepare you for the ultimate decision if you or your prospect significant other has something holding them back. If you think you've found the right person at a not-so-right time, take a look at some of the signs that'll give you clarity.

7 Indications of Bad Relationship Timing

1. Financial setback

One of the main reasons why romantic partners never get off the ground is because of money, or lack thereof. One or both individuals may be between jobs, unhappy at their current jobs, have major debt or bad credit, and / or struggling to make ends meet. Although both parties may have good intentions, there's an ever a huge strain put on the relationship, particularly when one person feels like he / she is contributing more than the other. Unfortunately, it may be time to call it quits if you can not find a way to work around the issue.

2. One or both of you are still getting over a break-up

Another popular signal of bad timing is if someone is carrying baggage from a previous sour relationship. As much as a person may like you, if he / she is not completely over his / her ex, your bond could backfire. The affected individual may compare you to the old partner even when they do not mean to, which can be annoying and hurtful. It's best to let them heal so you do not risk becoming a rebound.

3. Long distance

Long distance relationships rarely due last because there's always temptation and not enough time to spend together. Plus, money becomes an issue when it comes to always having to make travel arrangements. Some people find it easier to just part ways rather than holding onto something that can be too much pressure.

4. Family issues

Unfortunately, family dysfunction can stop a relationship from budding as well. A relative's death, sibling dramas, or parents' overprotectiveness can cause a bitter end.

5. Work-related claims

No one likes to feel neglected. Sometimes potential partners may not be able to avoid putting in long hours at their job, especially if they're next in line for a promotion or some other form of career advancement. If this is the case, you should not try to compete for the other person's time. Wish him / her well and leave the relationship if you're not able to handle playing second place for awhile.

6. Health-related concerns

Failing health can also be detrimental. Although you may want to be there for someone you have feelings for during their illness, having a regular relationship is probably not a good idea since their focus should be on a full recovery.

7. Traumatic experience

If a person has just gone through some kind of traumatic experience, such as a car accident or violent encounter, it's a good idea not to pressure them into entering a relationship. He / she needs to concentrate on a psychological healing by seeking help from a professional with a counseling degree before they can pursue a courtship.