7 Steps to Opening A Daycare Center

I want to congratulate you for wishing to open your own daycare center. This is a great business with a huge potential, both financially and in terms of personal fulfillment. However, the degree of success you can expect from your day care depends on how well you do things when you take the first steps in opening your day care.

7 Steps to Opening A Daycare Center

1. Make a Firm Decision – Starting a business, any business, demands determination and commitment. Without you have that determination, you should not start a daycare center.

2. Find a place for your day care – You will need a place to run your day care center in. It can either be at your home, or you can rent one.

3. Pick a name – You have to get a name for your daycare. It should be cute and appealing.

4. Find some initial investment money – It does not cost a lot to start your own daycare, but you do need some money for it. You can either use your own savings, get a loan, or apply for a daycare grant (I give a link at the bottom of this article to how this can be done).

5. Get the necessary permits – You will need some permits and licenses before opening your daycare. These include: business license, fire department permits, health department permit.

6. Buy some daycare equipment – Your daycare needs some equipment like toys, children books, mats, first aid kit, coloring paintings, and more children related stuff.

7. Advertise your daycare – After opening your daycare, the final step is advertising it. If you do this right, you will have some clients lined up in a hurry.

Follow these 7 steps to opening your daycare and you will have every chance to make it a huge success.