7 Things a Woman Can Do to Pamper Her Man! Follow This If You Always Want Him to Adore You

Most often it is the woman who wants all the pampering and “spoiling”. But if you really love and adore your man, you will make sure that you pamper him too! Make him feel good! It does wonders when you see his face light up with pleasure and delight. This makes you feel good in return! Here are some ways to pamper your man.

Make him feel like the ultimate alpha male
Boost his ego and confidence like never before. Make him feel like he is hot, attractive and sexy. Compliment him. Praise his prowess in the bedroom and see him puff up with pride. Buy him new clothes and shower him with gifts all week long. He will definitely feel on top of the world. The most important thing is not to expect anything in return!

Fix him his favorite dish
How often have you heard the old adage “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? This is one saying that is so true. Cook him his favorite meal and do it with a lot of love and enjoyment. Take care to see to the little details and serve it with adoration. He will appreciate it and feel really special.

Invite his friends over and cook for them!
Nothing will make him feel more loved and special than a selfless and generous gesture on your part. Invite his friends over and cook them a super meal. The sight of you slaving away over a hot stove just to make him happy will melt his heart. He will never forget this gesture and will really appreciate you for it.

Buy him the stuff he’s been eyeing for ages
You know your husband well. You also know the desires of his heart. Do all you can to make them come true. If you know that he has been hankering after that marvelous fishing rod, golf set or even an electronic gadget for simply ages, all you have to do is buy it for him!

Give him a super time in bed
You want to make your man feel spoiled, pampered and thoroughly loved? Plan a romantic rumpus in the bedroom. Have the works – soft music, champagne, candles and of course the sexiest lingerie he has ever seen in his life. Not only will he adore you for the treat but he will know that you love him.

Give him sensuous massages and a lot of TLC
Nothing makes a man feel thoroughly pampered than having his body massaged after a hard day’s work! Give him a slow and sensuous massage ladled with a lot of tender loving care – he will be extremely grateful and feel so privileged to be with you. Don’t be surprised if he gets too used to these massages and wants one every week!

A clean, comfortable house and every comfort you can think of!
Make him want to come home to you. If you make sure he has crisp, cool sheets on his bed, clean underwear, a sparkling house and a cool beer whenever he wants one – he will feel pampered and cherished. Make him feel like the head of the house and he will also behave accordingly and be willing to take responsibility.