7th Grade Student Science Fair Project Idea

This is a science project to test if fluoride actually protects your teeth from harsh beverages we eat and drink daily. Instead of using our pearly whites will test this theory on egg shells. This is an easy science project for your 7th grade student or middle school kid. An 8th grader or high school kid may also want to do this experiment as well. You can make it as in depth as you need to or as easy as possible.

You will need these supplies

  • 10 glasses
  • 10 eggs
  • Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Fluoride from a local dentist
  • Lemon juice
  • Coffee
  • milk
  • Paper towels
  • Graph paper

Experiment instructions:

Divide the glasses and eggs in half. Place one in front of each cup. Place 5 of them on side of a table or counter top and the other half on the other end to keep them separated. Pour soda in a glass at each end so that you will have two containers with soda in them, one in each group. Now place vinegar in two cups the same as the soda. Put coffee in the similar way and then lemon juice and finally put milk in the last two. You should have 5 glasses on each side that have different liquids contained inside of them and they are the same as the cups on the opposite end of the counter.

Now take the fluoride and wipe it on 5 eggs. Let them sit for about 1 hour.

Place the group with no fluoride into their glasses and after the 1 hour place that bunch into their cups. You may want to do this in the evening because you will want to let these sit overnight.

In the morning place a paper towel in front of each glass. Using a spoon remove each egg carefully and place on the napkin in front of the cup.

Using your graph paper make notes from your visual observations. Now carefully pick up the paper towels and pipe any excess residue from each egg separately. Notice the shell exterior of each and make notes.

Did any particular liquid change the structure of the shell? Did more than one beverage change the outside hardness and how?

Compare the fluoride eggs to those with no protection. Was there a difference in those covered versus those without?

This is where your research needs to come into play. If you notice effects of the shell, structure, or strength decide what could be in these substitutes to cause this. For the high school student your need to research the acidic values ​​of each liquid you used to determine its ph and acidic strength. If this is for 7th grade or a middle school science project just showing that eggs protected with fluoride were protected may be satisfactory enough or to state that one substance is strong enough to eat up the shell. Was the fluoride effective in protecting the outer coating?

Hope you find this 7th grade science project useful and get a good grade. Remember it is what you put in it.