8 Flat Iron Hair Styling Tips

Hair Styling Flat Irons of today have been making its mark and are fast becoming popular in the beauty and hair care industry. Unlike the previous generations of flat irons, modern straighteners are much safer to use and are even capable of nourishing, revitalizing, and moisturizing your hair. But with lots of different hair straighteners in the market today with various specific features and functions, one may find it hard to figure out which one to use and how to effectively use it.

Here are some useful tips in order to achieve the best possible results in styling your hair with a flat iron:

1. Know your hair type – this is probably the first thing one must first consider before barging into a department store and buying yourself a flat iron. Although there are some hair styling flat irons that can be used for all hair types, there are also others that are only ideal for a specific hair type.

2. Determine the appropriate heat temperature for your hair – Probably the safest hair straighteners to use are the ones with various temperature settings. With these flat irons, you can be in control with the heat intensity your flat iron produces. A specific hair type needs a specific temperature for hair styling. An excess of which may lead to damaging your hair. Heat settings can be adjusted from low which is good for thin, fine hair types, to high which is ideal for thick, coarse ones.

3. Wet is good but, dry is better – For those who are always in a hurry, they often find themselves using their flat irons as their hair dryers at the same time. Styling with a wet hair may take some time. But with a dry hair, your flat iron can then immediately focus in styling your hair rather than drying it first.

4. Style with a comb rather than with just bare hands – Better hair styling results can be achieved if you have with you a flat iron on one hand and a comb on the other. Combs help in conditioning and firming your hair before and after it passes through the plates of your flat iron.

5. Having a flat straight style – This style is probably the simplest one to do. First, insert 2 inches of your hair section from the roots right between the plates, squeeze the handle, and then glide it slowly to the ends.

6. Soft curls are cuter – In this hair style, simply insert a two inch section of your hair between the plates, squeeze the handle, and then wind your hair around the plates as you glide the iron to the ends.

7. Flip Out is a Classic Beauty – to achieve this hair style, you just simply have to do the same first step in the first two hair styles, glide slowly the plates through your hair from the roots, and then slightly flip the plates out as you reach the ends.

8. Flip In is simple but elegant – Just simply do the same initial procedure with the other three hair styles, glide slowly the plates through your hair from its roots, and then gently flip the plates in at the ends.

Styling your hair with a straightener might just be a simple thing to do, but it is all in the matter of protecting your hair from possible damage and achieving the best results for your desired hair style.