8 Reasons To Focus On Leadership PLANNING

Those who have either previously read any of my articles, etc, or attended one of my leadership – related seminars, realizes how strongly I believe, effectively leading begins with, and depends upon, quality, meaningful, professional, wise PLANNING. This involves far more than simply proclaiming, I have a plan, or, in the case of many seeking office, some sort of secret plan! Rather, it includes, a thorough examination of history, heritage, successes, losses, strengths, weaknesses, etc, with an emphasis on, and primary focus, on needs, concerns, and priorities. One must begin with a strategic plan, which provides an essential strategy, in the short, intermediate, and longer – term, with ways to measure, adapt, and determine alternatives and contingencies. Leadership planning is the mechanism, for looking at needs, and developing viable solutions!

1. Priorities; phases; plans: In leadership, one’s focus and emphasis must be on priorities. However, how can one accurately determine these, unless he takes the time and makes the effort, to do this, thoroughly and strategically? Understand the lesson from the adage, How do you eat the elephant? One bite at a time. This teaches us, progress must be made, in phases, and each phase is a component, in the overall plan. Are your plans relevant, meaningful, and why do you believe they are both necessary, and will make a significant difference, for the better?

2. Listen; learn: How can one make the best decisions, and choose the true priorities, unless he begins to carefully, thoroughly, listen, to those he serves? However, don’t simply listen, for photo ops, or to appease, but rather, use listening, as an essential part of learning what is needed, etc!

3. Attitude; attention: Do you possess a positive, can – do attitude? Will you thoroughly, properly and intelligently, pay attention to details, and to those you serve?

4. Needs: You’ll never be able to lead others effectively, until/ unless, you focus on the needs, priorities and concerns, of those you serve. Develop quality plans, which address these needs!

5. Niche: Realize, leading is not a one – size – fits – all, activity! Rather, learn about your specific group, including its history, heritage, mission, and experiences, and become a great, niche leader!

6. Imagination; ideas; integrity: Step outside of your comfort zone, and open up your mind, and use your imagination, so you may focus on what you would like the group, to look like, into the future! Base your ideas on the bigger picture, and be certain, your planning is based on absolute integrity!

7. New; novel: Know what has worked and what has not, and consider how best to proceed, to address today’s, and tomorrow’s needs! Never fear using new ideas, plans and programs, if they will bring you closer to your objective. It may appear to be a novel idea, to some, but if it makes sense, based on your overall, leadership planning, proceed forward!

8. Goals; generate goodwill; growth: What do you want to accomplish? Is your planning based on achieving goals and objectives? Always attempt to generate goodwill, so you can motivate, and include as many actual, as well as potential participants! Quality leadership planning seeks to create growth and sustainability, by doing so, based on needs, priorities and relevance!

Don’t merely say you will plan, but become a quality, leadership planner! PLANNING is often the difference between achievement and disappointment!