8 Top Places to Eat in Chester

Someone told me once that Chester has over 360 pubs, more per square something than anywhere else in the UK and I'm sure they were right because this small city in the North West of England attracts over 2 million visitors a year and that's on top of the 140000 people who live in Chester. That makes Chester a great place to eat out and there is no shortage of quality or variety of eatery. In this article I bring over ten years of living in the walled City to your taste buds. Now admittedly I have not eaten at every restaurant in Chester so this could not be called a definitive guide but I have eaten at quite a few and these are all personal recommendations.

Chez Jules
A French restaurant in Northgate Street. Good food and service, nice atmosphere. More chain than independent and consistently popular.

Cafe Naj
Great little Indian restaurant on Hoole Road with a great chef. They do a great value Sunday 4 course meal of your choice for £ 6.95. Ive been many times

This is one of the top restaurants in Chester and is part of the Chester Racecourse. It does a great deal on a Sunday £ 25 for a couple for 2 courses each. Any other time is probably too expensive for me.

The Fat Cat
Nice bar near the Racecourse on lower Watergate Street that does chunky chips and good pub food.

The Grosvenor Hotel
Another 5 star offering at the Arckle Restaurant. This is Michelin standard food and Michelin standard prices but if you're looking for something amazing then this is the place for you

A recent addition to the list Oddfellows on lower Bridge Street has a Michelin star chef and modern classy eating areas. Again its pricey but chic and impressive for a dinner date

Francs has been around in Chester forever and its one of my favorites. Rustic French peasant is how I would describe it. Simple French food really nicely done. Good set menu at lunchtime.

The Living Room
Another modern offering attached to one of the most popular bars in the City.

Nice ambiance to this chain pizza place. Wood fire oven and chef on view, tasty pizzas and good service. Just by the Amphitheater.

Happy eating