8 Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Dogs are great friends and are considered to be part of a family. Spending time with dogs is entertaining and brings joy. But at the initial stages, you will find it hard to communicate with your pets. Training can make them understand you more quickly, be more friendly and much more obedient.

Teaching your dogs tricks is helpful in bringing canine obedience and also makes your dogs confident and motivated.

1. Teaching your dog to respond to your command "COME" can even save his life. Treat your dog by giving him some kind of yummy doggy treats when they do what you want them to. Increase the intensity by going to a different room and calling him with the usual command which you use.

2. Try to stand with your dog and give a handshake as we humans do. Say loud "SHAKE" by lifting your dog's paws and do this regularly until they are able to do on their own. This is a very charming trick.

3. Kiss is another trick you can train your dog to do. Dogs hard ever kiss. Tell them loudly "KISS" whenever he licks you. This becomes their habit when you say Kiss at any time, they automatically lick you.

4. Bowing is the posture of your dog to bring his head to the floor. Keep the stick or treat direct to his face and move it gradually to the floor as the dog follows its movement. Say "BOW" slowly, as you move the stick and the dog learns how to bow with respect to the stick's motion.

5. Throw a ball, tell him "FETCH" and run along with your dog. By continuing training him, he runs to fetch the ball or stick and bring it back to you every time you tell him "FETCH". This trick can make your dog more active and bring him much pleasure.

6. Cast the treat in the air and say "CATCH". Since most dogs are capable of automatically catching things thrown in the air, your dog will grasp this trick quickly as soon as you say "CATCH".

7. Treat him by saying "SIT" as soon as he sits down. By continuing doing this, your dog learns to situ at once when you tell him to sit.

8. Teach him to ring a door bell. This will help him to inform you whenever he wants to go out. Each time you go out, let him ring the bell and he will learn how to do this on his own.

By following the above tricks, you can make the bond between you and your dog stronger. There are also dog trainers who are professionally skilled to train your dog. Asking for referrals can help you find a reliable training center in your area.