8 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration

Every creative person has experienced unmotivated and uninspired days. Whether you’re writing a book, designing an evening gown, or developing the hottest new website, you need inspiration. This article is dedicated to finding that lost inspiration that’s deep within all of you.

1. Take a Walk – You never know what you’ll see. Pay attention to people, architecture, and nature. What are people wearing? What are they talking about.? What colors are in the   pavement ? Shapes and sizes of buildings? Flowers? Grass? Take it all in.

2. Browse the Library or Local Bookstore – I’m good for going to Barnes and Noble and grabbing a bunch of books just to read in the connected coffee shop.

3. Go To A Museum – This is where I get most of my inspiration. Try even your local history center or even botanical garden. Any tourist spot is great.

4. Surf The Web – It can’t get any better than this. The amount of info on the web is infinite. Ideas of inspiration aren’t far behind. If you can’t find it on the web then you aren’t looking hard enough or maybe TOO hard.

5. Watch a Movie – I always find inspiration in the classics for my clothing and jewelry designs. I think movies would also be a great inspiration for photographers.

6. Keep a Journal – Keep a journal, scrapbook, file, or storage box full of your ideas, sketches, photographs, articles, etc. This source is priceless on those not so creative days.

7. Talk to Other Creative People – Ask them where they find inspiration. Join online groups, forums, or check your area where creative folks get together to share ideas.

8. Do Not Stress Out – Last but not least. Don’t stress too much. I’ve always found that when I stress my creativity is less. Stress drains you of energy let alone motivation and inspiration.

You can find creative inspiration just about anywhere. Look past the obvious and you’ll be surprised what you see.