9 Taoist Sex Positions – Discover The Ancient Taoist Secrets To Great Sex

In “The Classic Of The Arcane Maid”, an ancient Taoist text, describes several secret sex positions guaranteed to improve sexual pleasure and health.

9 Taoist Sex Positions

1. Somersaulting Dragons: The woman reclines on her back, while the man lies over her. She then presses her thighs into the bed squeezing her vulva, while the man enters into her. With calculated strokes (eight shallow and two deep), the man penetrates her as she continues to squeeze down on his penis.

2. Stepping Tigers: The woman places herself in a crawling position, pointing her buttocks upward while her head lies on a pillow or over a flat surface. As her lover enters into her from behind, they take turns thrusting into each other (eight thrusts, five times), with a brief pause after each set.

3. Wrestling Apes: As the woman lies on her back with her knees bent toward her head, the man supports her thighs, pushing them into her chest, while raising her buttocks. As he penetrates her deeply, she can rock and rotate her thighs and hips, stopping when she climaxes.

4. Cleaving Cicadas: The woman lies on her stomach while her partner reclines on her back, penetrating her deeply. He can lift her buttocks slightly by placing a pillow underneath her and thrusting (9 thrusts, 6 times), until she reaches orgasm.

5. Soaring Phoenix: The woman lies down and raises her legs while the man places himself in between her thighs while holding onto the bed. This sex position allows for deep penetration.

6. Bunny Licking It’s Fur: The man stretches out on the bed on his back as the woman straddles his body, facing his legs. She lowers her head, while holding onto his feet. This is a shallow penetration position.

7. Cranes Entwining Necks: The man squats while the woman sits on his thighs, holding onto his neck and wrapping her legs around his hips. Both partners can move in this position.

8. Fish Linking Scales: In this position, the man lies flat on his back with the woman straddling his body on top. He does not penetrate her deeply, but rather focuses on tantalizing her breasts with his hands and mouth.

9. Mounting Tortoises: While the woman lies on her back with her knees bent, the man presses them into her breasts. This position allows the man to alternate between deep and shallow thrusts. It is said that if there is no loss of semen during sex, in this position, a man’s vigor will multiply a hundredfold.

According to Taoist philosophy there can be no joy in yin without yang. Often, a man will desire sex, while the woman is unhappy, or the woman desires copulation when the man lacks desire. In other words, when hearts are out of tune, there is no arousal of the essences. By merging mind and desire, both man and woman can delight in each others hearts.