A 5 "Penis Means a 5: 1 Penile-Vaginal Stroke Ratio – 6" Is 6: 1 – How Do You Get a 9: +1 Stroke Ratio?

The Penile-Vaginal Stroke Ratio is based on the length of your penis and its relationship to the vagina. So, if your penis is five inches long, by displacing the vagina upon entry, you are creating a 5: 1 stroke ratio. That is, your penis is "stroking" the displacement in the vagina five times its normal, resting amount.

With a six inch penis, you have a 6: 1 stroke ratio. Seven inches is 7: 1. What this means is, that the longer your penis is, upon its entering the vagina at the introitus (entrance) the more you will displace the contents of the vaginal interior. The amount that a penal is able to displace is directly related to her sexual pleasure.

Now, we are told that the main sensorial-perspective aspect of the vagina in regards to "feeling" is estimated, by some, to be in the first third of the vagina. So, then, how is it that by creating a larger stroke ratio, can we be causing increased vaginal stimulation? After all, do not we just need is to stimulate the first third of the vagina?

No. There are mutable-reactive stretch and deformative nerve receptors in the vagina, that are even included in its farthest depths. What these means is that these receptors are "stimulated" by changes in the physical landscape of the vagina, through deformation (light and deep pressure receptors) that respond to pressure and through stretch receptors (also a form of deformation receptor) that responds to the stretching out of the interior of the vagina.

When these types of receptors are "set off" or "triggered," it is felt by the woman as a sense of being "filled." Not just "filled," but Sexually Filled . This is usually felt, by her, as a very down-to-earth form of deeply solid pleasure.

So, the longer your stroke ratio is, the better able you will be to trigger these deformative receptors and trigger feelings of dense and solid sexual fulfillment. Penile girth is also an important aspect of this, but we are discussing penis stroke or penis' length "in regards to triggering these receptors.

Now it is easy to see why a three-inch penis is going to have less of an impact on triggering these vaginal deformation sensors and because a penis that is nine inches long will have a much bigger impact on triggering these pleasure-nerve receptors. Much bigger.

This is why "size does matter," for the more a penal can displace the interior of the vagina will directly be related to her perception of sexual pleasure. The larger the penis, the larger the displacement, and the greater the pleasure.

Men who are interested in increasing their stroke ratio have many options in which to do so through what is termed, "Penis Enlargement." These forms of enlarging the penis range from penis pills to penile surgery to penis exercising. Our experience, research, and results has totally convinced us that the most efficient, rewarding, cost-effective, and coolest method of increasing a man's stroke ratio is through penis exercises.

When men are looking to increase their stroke ratio with penis exercising, there are a bevy of different areas that can be targeted and "worked on" to get increased length results. However, listing all of these tissues and how they can be targeted would require a book, rather than a simple article like this. So, we will just cover the most basic method which is easy for most men to understand.

The penis is an appendage which is attached to the body via a complex series of ligaments, fascia, muscles, and tissues. If we can discover a way to "unlock" such tissues, we can allow the penis to extend farther upon appreciation from the body. For instance, anchoring ligaments that restrict the penis in its erective and extended phase can be stretched out, unlocked, and released to allow greater extensible lengths (of the penis) to be realized. If you think about it for a moment, you can see how this is probably done; and it's done through simple exercises that stretch, unlock, and release such structures. A man simply uses his hands to accomplish this.

Anatomists believe that at least 30% of the main suspensory ligament of the penis is still trapped inside the pelvis. So, just by targeting this ligament, penis exercising is a natural method a man can utilize to release what was naturally gifted to him by Mother Nature.

Men who are interested in increasing their Stroke Ratio, up to 9: 1+, and who want to have a more visibly penis; and one that is functionally more impressive, from a woman's sexual-pleasure perspective, are encouraged to utilize penis exercising to reach these goals.

Georg von Neumann