A Beginner's Guide – How to Build a Brick Wall

There is something about building walls that gives people a sense of accomplishment. This is why it is not a surprise that even though you can always hire a professional bricklayer, a part of you would probably do it yourself. Whether you intend to pursue it as a career or you just plan to engage in it as a hobby, building a brick wall entails extensive background on the rudiments of bricklaying.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a brick wall to help you on your first wall-building project:

Step 1: Gather all the tools you will need such as the brick trowel, mortar mix, bricks, jointer, hammer, level, line, water, tape measure, brush, nails, wall ties, wheelbarrow, safety gear and shovel. The brick trowel, a triangular shaped flat metal with a handle, is the primary hand tool you will be using to construct the wall. It is what you will use to spread mortar as you lay the bricks. The mortar is a mud-like substance wherein the bricks are set in. To make a mortar, mix 15 to 20 shovels of sand to one 70-pound bag of mortar mix. This will require about 5 gallons of water but it is advisable to mix the dry materials first before including the water. Add one gallon of water at a time until you reach the preferred consistency. There are different sizes of bricks but for your first project, try using the standard bricks which measure about 8 in inches long, 2 in inches tall and 4 in inches deep.

Step 2: Bricks are meant to be constructed as a veneer wall, meaning it should be against another wall like that of a house. Ensure that there is sufficient foundation to hold the bricks.

Step 3: Measure the length of the wall you intend to build. Since your bricks are about 8 in inches long, mark the wall with 8 inter intervals to give a little space for the mortar that will come between the bricks, which is called the joint.

Step 4: After you have indicated the marks, you can now continue laying down the first layer. To do this, you have to start from the left side going to the right. Use your left hand to grab a brick from the stack and your right hand to get some mortar with the trowel. Spread a layer of mortar and set the brick in it. Remove any mortar residue that comes out of the press brick.

Step 5: Repeat the process and continue laying down the bricks until it reaches your desired height. Just remember to consistently check with a level in the middle of the wall to ensure that the wall is level. If a side appears too high, put the bricks closer at the other end.

You will find this step-by-step procedure helpful in your brick wall-building feat but for more detailed information and training, it is advisable to purchase a bricklaying DVD or undergo intensive bricklaying courses.