A Bigger Package In An Instant? Frontal Enhancement Underwear for Men

Did you know that a bigger package can be yours without pills or hormones or even surgery? Nowadays, no matter what your body flaws are, there is a solution for it. Some people might be surprised to learn that they make frontal enhancement underwear for men…. but for others, these products are literally an answer to their prayers. No more hiding No more self-consciousness. Just the incredible profile that you’ve always wanted below the belt.

Padded Underwear vs. Frontal Enhancement Underwear

The difference between the two is really an issue of semantics. Obviously, padded underwear can enhancement your frontal measurements but frontal enhancement underwear does not always include foam or silicone padded inserts. Follow me for a moment. Some men’s underwear avoid adding all of the extra material and instead rely upon a bit of technology to make your bulge look bigger and fuller. How exactly does this work? You can thank a special pouch sewn into the front of the underwear that gently lifts and makes your package look pronounced. How much frontal enhancement can you expect? According to industry standards, you can expect to add somewhere between 1.5 to 2.0 inches to your frontal measurements.

Two Brands You Need To Know About

First, there is the Andrew Christian Show It Collection. This men’s underwear line features a wide variety of styles with one thing in common – these undies are designed to maximally enhance your package. There are no padding or uncomfortable hidden straps. You slip them on just like regular underwear. The only difference is the hidden pocket for maximal frontal support. You will be thankful for the extra 1.5 inches added to your package (and equally more thankful that the pouch is completely invisible to the naked eye).

Andrew Christian also has another line you may be interested in – it’s called the Shock Jock collection. Shock Jock underwear is slightly different from the Show It collection in that it includes a bulge-enhancing contouring cup. The active shaping cup is responsible for extra shaping, support, and protection. It is also removable. But who would want to remove the cup once you discover that it adds an extra 2 inches to your frontal measurement?

Shock Jock vs. Show It Collection

The Andrew Christian Show It and Shock Jock collections are both among the company’s bestselling items. Which is the best product to choose? Making this determination totally depends on your preferences. The inclusion of the active shaping cup places the Shock Jock collection more along the lines of men’s padded underwear. If the idea of a contouring cup insert is a bit disconcerting, then you can trade the extra half an inch of enhancement for the Show It collection. Rather than adding something that isn’t actually there, the Show It underwear line simply lifts and profiles the best of what you have below the belt. Either way, judging from the popularity of these underwear, chances are that you won’t be the only dude on the block who’s thankful for the incredible looking bulge once you take off your pants.