A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involve Your Kid to Deck Up

Birthday, the word itself haunts a child to the world of dream. It will be much more exiting to your ward if you can involve his effort to decorate the celebrity corner. When a child thinks of his birthday celebration, some sights may flash on his mind. Perhaps it was the decoration that he saw in his friend's birthday or somewhere else. However his own birthday is the chance to execute those ideas and parents are supposedly to encourage them to do so. It will not only be mere decoration but a way to enhance the child's cognitive development also.

Recycle the thrown out items-

We often throw out old containers, cans, papers, clothes and many more items. If you can store these recyclable things during the year and tell your child to make flower-vase, pen-stand, paper-fans, wall-hanging out of those; then there will be a good stock of decorative material to deck up the birthday floor. The child also gets to learn recycle, reuse, and his aesthetic sense will be increased.

Theme selection –

This time if you are going to throw a theme based on birthday party, let your child select the theme. You may help him sure. But ask him to set a theme depending on some niche that he has learned at school. Value education or moral science will be the best subject to find such themes.

Decking up the food corner –

It will be tough for a child if you ask him to cook for his friend. But it will be very much interesting to him if you give him a chance to deck up the dinning. You can instruct him to garnish the food platters or to decorate the tray of chocolates with tooth-pick and colorful thermocol balls. You can let the child decorate the birthday cake also with colorful candies. But never leave the child alone to do so, keep supervising. He can also arrange the plates, glasses, coasters, spoon and fork etc. It will teach him table manner.

Balloon decoration –

The first and foremost decorative item of the birthday party is balloons. Engage the kid to blow up the balloon and then help him to fix it on wall, roof or cabinet.

Streamer decoration –

Engage the child making various decorative strings of streamers. In his leisure time do sit with him and teach him to make beautiful chains out of those usual things. This will help your child to learn making incredible articles out of common ingredients.

Flower vase –

Let your child decorate the flower vases on his own. If he makes mistakes, then make him learn the right way and let him do again. This doing and undoing will help him out to enhance the sense of color-combination.

So, here are some unique tips to involve your child to his own birthday celebration. Now let your kid engage with this and this time make his / her birthday the memorable one with a gala celebration.