A Brief Introduction To Track Control Arms

Track control arms are a popular performance upgrade in automobiles which are built specifically for rallying. They are installed in other performance vehicles and for a variety of applications but their core purpose remains the same.

Also referred to, as pan-hard bars and are placed on the rear suspension. In most vehicles these are not adjustable whereas, in NASCAR vehicles, adjustable arms are used. This is done in order to ensure that the rear wheels act according to the motion of the front wheels.


The control arms are typically used to add stability to the vehicle's steering column. This is done by stabilizing the wheels and more specifically, by reducing vibrations and / or uncontrolled movements. Easy and swift adjustments of the camber angle help in improving steering and therefore, the handling of the vehicle.

They help in preventing under-steer and over-steer which is extremely important for a performance automobile. It contains the movements of the vehicle by giving it enhanced and improved traction and handling.

It is important for these parts to be reliable and durable because they are required for application on different terrains. In rallying for example, they should be able to sustain the harsh impacts of the track while in NASCAR vehicles; They have to withstand extreme pressures.

Why Are Track Controls Arms So Popular?

Track control arms have become increasingly popular as performance upgrades because of the fact that they help in improving the performance of the vehicle. The handling and steering of the vehicle is very critical in performance settings which is why track control arms are installed in all vehicles designed for extreme performance purposes.

Automotive enthusiasts all over the world have realized the importance of using track arms in their upgraded vehicles. It also said that track control arms help in improving the safety of the vehicle while driving. This is another major reason for their popularity.

By using track control arms, drivers are better able to control their vehicles at higher speeds and they drastically reduce the risk of accidents.

Ford Escort Arms

The Ford Escort is one of the most popular cars to ever being introduced in the European market. It was manufactured from 1968-2002 and still remains a popular model among performance enthusiasts. This is because the Ford Escort was considered to be one of the best cars to modify and upgrade.

There are track arms which have been specifically designed for the Ford Escort, available in the market. The Ford Escorts that were built for rallying and track racing are equipped with these track control arms to improve handling and trafficking.

Because these cars are still popular along performance enthusiasts, custom components designed for them are also readily available. A number of these cars are being restored, modified and upgraded all over the world which is why there is high demand for such parts as track control arms .