A Complete Insight On Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated packaging comes with unique blend of unmatched advantages when compared with other modes of packaging. Corrugated boxes are known for its structural rigidity and cushioning and hence it is considered as an ideal thing for packing the fragile articles.

Corrugated boxes are convenient to store since they are compact. These boxes being light-weight and easy to handle. These boxes are sturdy enough to be stored up to 25-30 feet height. These boxes can be custom made and can rightly suit all pallet sizes and container sizes and can be accommodated in the go-down space. Some of these boxes also feature handles and other fitments that make it easier to carry and add to the convenience of use.

The articles stored inside the them are safe from water, oil, grease, abrasion, static electricity, etc. Compared to the wooden box which can be opened and re-sealed, one cannot simply walk off with the articles stored inside the boxes unless it is completely torn.

These boxes are best suited for packing a wide variety of products irrespective of the size and shape. The ¾ consumer packs as well as the transport containers of the corrugated boxes are versatile enough for packing heavy as well as perishable and fragile products. Compared to the other kinds of containers such as plastic, metal or glass, the corrugated boxes are made out of kraft paper which is a renewable resource. Thus, these boxes are eco-friendly and helps sustain the ecological balance. These boxes can be reused, re-pulped and remade into new boxes and its recyclable attributes contribute to environmental protection.

The Process Involved in Making Corrugated Boxes

Behind the eco-friendly, versatile boxes, tedious manufacturing processes are involved. Corrugated boxes are not transported in boxes or cartons but are shipped in bundles. These boxes are manufactured in the box plants.

The corrugated boxes are made after considering the purpose of its use. These boxes are made out of corrugated paper boxes and the shape, size, color and strength of the finished product are few of the important factors that are considered while manufacturing these boxes. The Corrugated paperboards are either single or double layered depending upon the sturdiness of the box. When the box needs to be sturdy, then two layers of liners and flutes are used.

Generally, there are four different types of corrugated boards – single faced boards, single walled boards, double walled boards and triple walled corrugated boards. These boards are manufactured on a series of machines known as corrugating line and then these are given the proper shapes and converted into the corrugated boxes as per the required shape and size. Converting machines are used to give proper shape and size to the boxes. Some of the most common converting machines that are used in this process are Die-cut machines and Flexo-folder gluers.