A Different Spin on Candles

One of the main attractions to people when they are doing finishing touches to their home environment is to add candles. This gives you a great welcoming feel to your home. The main reasons that people love their candles is the fact that they provide one of the best glows that you can possibly find for your home. This light is not like any other and you can only achieve this through a candle. These lights also give your home a touch of classical feel as well. They have a history with them that so many people like and are drawn to. What are the best candles to get this glow from and what can you add to them to decorate your home in a different way?

Well the first thing that you need to look into is to really do some research on pillar candles. These candles have continued to grow in popularity because they have a large center allowing the wick to burn down the middle. By doing this you are able to get a constant glow through the entire candle. This is something that other types of candles do not achieve, This type of candle really makes all the difference when you lite it in your home.

To achieve a different spin on your candles most designers recommend to use more than one at different sizes. This is great to do when you are going to stagger the heights to add some variation. The most popular variation that you can take advantage of is with a group of three candles that are arranged in a tier down effect. With all three of these candles lit at the same time you really increase the attention to your candle display. With these candles lit you may have some issues with wax melting down the sides and getting on your tables. This cannot be contained with just a simple candle stand. What is going to happen is that these candles will fill up the stand and then pour over the sides and then make a mess all over anything.

One spin on this issue is to add something that will help catch the wax and still be functional at the same time. You can buy decorative trays. Now instead of having individual candles with their own stands you are able to have a single tray that is holding all three candles and able to collect all three candle wax ruminants together. This is a great idea to take advantage of. You want to be able to consolidate whenever possible and simplify your home décor. With this spin on candle decoration you are able to do this.