A Few Reasons to Consider Buying a Manufactured Or Mobile Home

Probably the number one reason people beginning looking at manufactured homes is because of the price. Lets face it, you are going to get a better deal with a manufactured home than with a stick built. The downside of course is that manufactured home will depreciate in value, while the stick built probably will not.

So if you're not looking at your next home as a piece of investment property you may want to take a look a manufactured housing.

Mobile home communities are not what they used to be. In the past the word trailer park conjured up some pretty negative images of what you might expect if you should be moving into one, however as more seniors have taken to purchasing manufactured homes, the communities themselves have began going through some facelifts.

For one thing, the parks are pretty well maintained with regular lawn maintenance, keeping trash from building up in front of properties, not having 4 vehicles in your front yard etc. In fact many of today's communities look like their bigger brothers that are springing up on the outskirts of fast growing towns.

There is a strong sense of community in many of these parks often having a Saturday night pot-luck or a wednesday bingo game. Whatever the community is geared towards. Being over 55 does not mean you are ready for the rocking chair by any stretch. You will often find swimming pools, tennis courts, bike paths, and walking paths in many of these communities.

Along with the community feeling comes a sense of security just by knowing who your neighbors are and that they will probably be watching the area because they appreciate having a safe community. Speaking of security, many of the communities in today's age are gated, often times with a security guard to give the residents even more peace of mind.

All in all the choice is yours. The thing to remember is that manufactured home communities have come a long way from their beginnings and it probably would not hurt to give it a look. For more information go to http://lowcostmanufacturedhomes.com