A Few Simple Ways to Make 50 Dollars in 24 Hours

So you are strapped for cash and need to make some money right away. Well there are a few simple ways to make money in 24 hours or less. Some of these ideas are seasonal and some take quite a bit of work. Decide which ones are right for you and start earning the money that you need.

Simple Way to Make Money: eBay

Everyone knows what eBay is. Just set up a seller’s account and start selling your household stuff on Ebay. Do a completed auction search to get an idea what your items would go for. Write an informative listing making sure you include the condition of your item, the size, the color and anything else that might seem pertinent.

You must list your item with a picture. People won’t buy site unseen so the clearer the picture the better. I tend to photograph my items outside because natural light is always better. If you have a hot item that you think would sell, list it with a buy it now option. I have done this and made as much as $250 in one half hour!

Simple Way to Make Money: Resume Writing

Pick up a good resume software program and put up flyers at the unemployment agencies, local colleges, libraries and other public places, advertising your resume writing service. Charge $25 for a simple student resume and $75 dollars for a more advanced professional resume or CV. The software program walks you through the process and tells where to plug in the information.

Be sure to have a list of questions to ask your customer when he calls you. You need to know full name, address, contact information and work experience. Print the resume out on good paper stock, preferably an off white to make if look more professional.

Simple Way to Make Money: Freelance Writing

If you can write, bid on some writing projects on sites such as Elance or RentACoder. You get paid through PayPal once the writing project is complete.

Get on some active internet marketing forums and offer to do research or writing for the members. Get the payment upfront and give them an idea of delivery time.

Simple Way to Make Money: Physical Labor

If you are into physical labor and it is summer time, you could always mow lawns. A lot of elderly people can’t mow their own lawns anymore so you would be offering a much needed service to help them out.

In the winter, you could go house to house and offer to shovel snow. Charge $10 bucks to clear a sidewalk or walkway.

In the fall, you can offer to clean gutters and flowerbeds to get them ready for winter.

Simple Way to Make Money: Wrap Up

These are just a few ideas of how to raise $50 in 24 hours. Another good idea spinner is to think of things that nobody wants to do and do it for them; for money of course. For example, most people hate to clean their garage so offer a garage cleaning service.

With a little work and ingenuity you can make that $50 in 24 hours or less!