A Forty-Five Gun Fireproof Gun Safe – The Hollon Safe PDORG-45

With a storage capacity of forty-five long guns the PDORG-45 fireproof gun safe is the largest of the safes in the Hollon Safe Republic Series of gun safes. Like the PDORG-16, PDORG-22 and PDORG-39 gun safes the PDORG-45 is built to secure weapons and ammunition in the event of a fire and to withstand the attention of burglars attempting to force the safe open. At seventy-two inches high, forty-two inches wide and is twenty-eight inches deep the PDORG-45 fireproof gun safe has an internal volume of thirty-two and a half cubic feet of space for storing up to forty-five long guns . The number of guns secured may vary and is of course dependent on the size of the rifles and accessories.

Weighing in with an empty weight of one thousand and twelve (1012) pounds is proof that the safe's construction is of heavy gauge steel and not the lightweight gauges being used in many of the safes on the market. Like many other fireproof safes on the market the PDORG-45 fireproof safe boasts a door thickness of four and a quarter (4 1/4) inches and body thickness of one and a quarter (1 1/4) inches. While many other safes boast these dimensions the steel used in constructing the door and body can be as thin as one sixteenth of an inch. The entire door of the PDORG-45 has quarter inch solid steel plate added for pry bar resistance and the body construction is one eighth inch solid steel.

To prevent unauthorized entry were the perpetrator tries to break into the gun safe using punch attacks the PDORG-45 is fitted with an active spring loaded re-locker. Re-lockers are designed to either block the main bolt work from retracting or block the door from opening. Typically, the first point of attack by burglar's breaking into a safe is the lock. Protecting the lock of this fireproof safe is a drill / ballistic resistant armor hard plate.

The PDORG-45 comes has been constructed with external hinges allowing the gun safes door to open one hundred and eighty degrees and for the door to be removed for servicing. The down side of having external hinges is that burglars can cut the hinges off and gain entry by removing the door. Gun safes with hinges on the outside must have locking bolts on both sides of the door. If the safe does not have bolts on hinge side of the door and the hinges are cut off the gun safes door can be removed. To prevent this the PDORG-45's construction includes three way active locking bolts on all four sides of the door.

Without fireproofing, a steel safe would act like an oven in a fire with the interior reaching temperatures that would cause irreparable damage to weapons secured inside the safe. Fireproofing the PDORG-45 using fireboard totaling one and half inches thick in the door and one inch thick in the body provides the PDORG-45 with one hour of fire protection at one thousand two hundred and fifty (1250) degrees F. A heat activated intumescent door seal designed to seal out smoke and water provides further protection of valuables stored in the gun safe.

For gun enthusiasts with an expensive gun collection the PDORG-45's construction combines pry bar and punch attack protection by burglars with fire, smoke and water protection to ensure guns and valuables are protected.