A Good Scope and Great Accessories Make the Perfect Gifts For a Marksman

As we grow older we become increasing difficult to buy for – what do you get a person who already has everything? If someone special in your life is a hunter, marksman, or rifle enthusiast, you may be in luck finding that perfect gift.

NcSTAR Scopes and accessories make affordable and thoughtful presents. These high quality items are on the wish list of every rifle enthusiast.


A premium scope makes the difference between a hit and a miss. Shooters may continue to improve their skill with practice, but they are always limited by their tools. The proper scope will always give a shooter the extra advantage to make more accurate shots more often.

In fact, most of the world’s best marksmen actually have more respect for their scope than their gun. Given the choice between an OK rifle with a great scope, or a great rifle with an OK scope, they’ll take the great scope any day.

Why is this? Because scopes ensure that you’re firing at the right target and in the right way. If you can’t see where you’re shooting, you shouldn’t be shooting.

Choosing the Right Scope

High quality scopes are able to improve your marksmanship by allowing you to see the target as though it were closer than it actually is. In a way, the right scope should make it feel like your target is directly in front of you, rather than a ways off. Depending on your distance you are going to need a greater or lesser degree of magnification in the scope that you purchase.


There is an art to selecting the right magnification when purchasing a scope. You do not want too little, or your shot will not be improved. However, you do not want too much either. Your target, through the eye of the scope, should look like it is directly in front of you. You don’t want it to appear as though you’re looking at it through a microscope.

Using a scope with too high of magnification reduces your accuracy because it provides you with a compressed image of your target or perhaps only a piece of the target.


Magnification also reduces available light, which can impair your vision when light is already at a premium. After you have selected the right magnification, you want to ensure that your light is not going to be compromised.

One solution is to look for a scope that is equipped for light gathering. For example, the NcStar Mark III Scope 4-16×50 Illuminated Green Rangefinder Reticle has a build in tactical SunShade and 30 mm Tube maximize light gathering. A scope with similar features will ensure that you are not sacrificing visibility for magnification.


Coatings are very important features of scopes. A proper, high-quality coating will ensure that the scope can function effectively in fog and rain, as well as in bright and dim sunlight.

Scopes are available in single and multi-coatings.

Of course, it is also important to understand that while coatings are a very important component of a scope’s quality, they are not the only important feature. A high quality coating, on a low quality scope is not going to provide optimal results.


The right tool for the right job is an important adage that every good marksman lives by. NcSTAR offers a range of accessories that will enhance the proper functioning of you scope and further improve your shot. Here are some of our favourites:

Best Gift Under $10

We recommend the NcSTAR Sun Shade. Available for many of NcSTAR’s scopes the sun shade improves visibility and ensures a more accurate shot.

Best Gift Under $30

We recommend the Anodized Aluminium Hand Guard Grip. Designed for comfort and durability, this hand guard grip ensures a non-slip surface.

Best Gift Under $50

The NcSTAR Wrench Tool. This Armorers Wrench has everything you need. One streamlined tool that does all of the jobs and eliminates the need for a cumbersome and large wrench set. You may not be able to carry a whole wrench set with you, forcing you to delay upkeep until you return home. With this tool you are able to keep your rifles and scopes functioning at their best by ensuring that you always have a high quality and effective wrench on hand.

Best Gift Under $100

We recommend the Universal Laser Bore Sighter Set. Another fantastic, compact tool set, the Universal Laser Bore Sighter Set is equipped with arbors for almost every calibre and includes everything needed to sight.


Most scopes require a supply of energy from a battery. Never wanting to be left in a lurch, most seasoned marksman carry a supply of batteries with them. These affordable and small items are usually less than $5 and make a great addition to gifts and stockings.

Of course, it is important to select the right battery for the right scope. For example, Red Laser scopes require an AG13 Alkaline Type Batter. Red Dot Sights and Illuminated Scopes will take a 3-volt CR2032 Lithium Type Battery. Finally, Green Lasers will take a CR123A Lithium Battery.

Lifetime Warranty

All NcSTAR optics that are purchased from BLJ’s Defense come with a lifetime warranty. This means that all defects in materials and workmanship, no matter when they arise, will be covered for repair or replacement.

The Final Word

A high quality scope and accessory kit enhances a marksman’s natural skill and talent. BLJ’s Self Defense offers a vast array of NcSTAR Scopes and accessories. With unbeatable prices and a lifetime warranty on most NcSTAR products, BLJ’s Self Defense is a great place to start your gift shopping for that special marksman in your life.