A Great Deal With the Generac XG8000e Portable Generator

Generac is a leader in power supply equipment, and they do not disappoint with the 8000XG generator. The Generac XG8000E Portable Generator has all of the features that you want and need! With an 8,000 watt power surge system you can count on the ability to operate all of the appliances that you need without worry. Whether it is a computer and refrigerator or freezer or electric heater, this powerful generator makes it easy to use the appliances that you need. You can even use the generator to power up more than one appliance at the same time.

This portable generator is easy to maneuver and designed for simple operation, offering an array of specifications sure to please each and every person who uses it. Users appreciate the heavy duty wheels that make it easy to move. With the single touch electric start you can easily start the machine the minute that you need it. Some generators cause a headache simply trying to start them, but not the Generac XG8000e portable generator. It is easy to use the first time without hassle or headache. But, these things are only the beginning of the many features you will appreciate.

Generac XG 8000e Features

The power bar easily monitors the power wattage that is being used, with an illuminated LED control panel that makes it easy to see the numbers. With covered outlets, the Generac 8000 can be used without worry or fear of an electrical mishap. Use the outlets even in the most rugged of conditions without worry. Although you will find a large capacity steel fuel tank on the generator, you will not use any more gas than necessary thanks to the extended running times and hour maintenance meter.

With a low-oil pressure shutdown and pressure lubrication, your Generac generator will have an extended lifetime. Should your portable generator be low on oil it will automatically shut down and protect the generator from damage. This feature can be appreciated as it can be so easy to accidentally cause destruction to your generator. At 250 pounds the generator can easily be moved with the included moving kit. The fold-down, locking handle makes it easy to store when you are finished with the generator. Although it is a larger sized generator it is still compact enough to easily store inside any garage or basement.

Why Trust Generac Portable Generator?

The Generac Portable generator offers a 3-position start switch combined with an easy to use control panel. The nine gallon built-in fuel tank has the ability to run for 10 hours with a 34 liter capacity. An included maintenance kit and oil ensures the machine is ready whenever you are. A one-year commercial warranty and a two-year residential warranty is offered with the purchase of this portable generator. Priced at around $1,100, the Generac XG 8000 is an affordable value that ensures you are never without the appliances that you need.