A Guide to Blackpool Hotels

Blackpool is the most famous holiday location in the UK. For decades families have packed their suitcases and headed off to stay in a hotel, visit the Pleasure Beach, play by the sand and experience a view along the coastline from up high in the Blackpool Tower. A major focal point of the city is the active tram network that is used today as much as it has been in years past.

Blackpool hotels can be found all the way along the coast, from peer to peer. Such is the popularity of Blackpool as a tourist attraction, it is fair to say there are more guest houses and apartments for tourists than there are for residents near the coast where all the attractions can be found. Many of the Blackpool guest houses look out over the illuminations which are another famous feature of the resort. This is an integrated light display including over 40,000 light bulbs which helps the tourists and locals understand that they are in a truly magical place. This starts in August most years.

Choosing where to stay in Blackpool is no easy task, especially with so much on offer. Another issue can be that if you choose to stay in Blackpool during a busier time of year, you may have problems finding a place that is available unless you choose to plan it well in advance. That is also a great option if you wish to take advantage of many offers and discounts that is available if you are prepared.

When you are deciding where to stay in Blackpool an important thing to consider is what you intend to get out of your stay. Should you be looking to experience the true essence of Blackpool then you will most likely be looking to stay along the coastline where you will be within easy walking distance of the major attractions. A downside of that is that you may end up finding it slightly too busy and long for some calm instead.

If you are looking to stay in the Blackpool apartments, or hotels in Blackpool that are slightly out of the city then you will also have to consider the long walking distance that you may have to embark on to get you where you want to be. After this, you may enjoy the tram ride that is available with good regularity.

The Blackpool guest houses that are among the most popular also have entertainment and cabaret on in the evening, whilst others even have swimming pools and fitness centers inside. Whatever you would like to stay in a hotel like this may depend on many factors, not least your budget and your preferences. The prices can fluctuate quite considerably, especially depending on the time of year, the location of the hotel and the facilities that are available inside it. In order to get to grips with the likely costs of a Blackpool holiday it is recommended that you go online and search for prices there, however do not forget to have enough money left over to have a great time when you are away