A Guide To Coral Calcium

Pure coral calcium is a form of calcium that is very beneficial for your body. It provides all of the benefits of other forms of calcium, but it also has a unique advantage all its own. Coral contains an optimal mix of over 70 trace minerals, including iron and magnesium. Trace minerals are an essential part of your body's chemical reactions and coral calcium possesses these trace minerals in perfect balance. The proportion of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals found in coral calcium matches your body's required ratio perfectly. The calcium works directly with these minerals to enhance the health of your body. This is why it makes perfect sense to take coral calcium and does not have to worry about supplementing trace minerals also.

In addition to its own specific benefits, coral calcium also does what regular calcium does. It helps build strong bones and teeth, helping to prevent osteoporosis; it boosts the immune system, preventing disease; it has been shown to promote healing, especially wound healing; and it keeps blood vessels, muscles and nerves healthy and functioning properly. Every cell in the body needs calcium. In fact, research has shown that over 150 diseases are directly related to calcium deficiencies. Because it has a place in so many body processes, calcium is vitally important to our health.

Pure coral, in particular, has some key advantages over other kinds of calcium. It contains antioxidants, which help protect the body from cancer causing free radicals. It is easier to absorb than other forms of calcium, making it readily available to the cells that need it most. Coral calcium has a higher proportion of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and has also been shown to help with weight loss. In addition, it helps in cleansing your body of harmful elements while breaking down toxic heavy metals.

Finally, coral calcium plays a very important role in balancing the pH of your body fluids. Acidic body fluids defrive your cells of oxygen, often leading to disease and quicker aging. Coral makes your internal fluids slightly more alkaline, boosting oxygen levels and allowing the body to rid itself of toxic wastes. The end result is fewer diseases and a more youthful body.

More and more research is constantly being done on coral with some impressive results. It continues to be a widely seen after supplement and is also being used effectively as a weapon against aging. However, the main benefit of coral calcium still appears to be the prevention of disease and the promotion of a healthy body.