A Guide to Electric Wheelchairs

Owning electric wheelchairs can be a big deal for those who are wheelchair bound. Choosing an electric wheelchair is a task all within itself. Many people do not comprehend this, but there are quite a few of these specialized chairs on the market today. If someone is going to invest in one, then a little bit of research will be necessary. By doing a bit of research, not only can someone save money, but they can be sure that they are getting the right chair for their specific needs.

Finding the perfect model from the selection of electric wheelchairs can be difficult. First, someone must comprehend the differences between the three types of models; rear wheel, mid wheel and front wheel drive. Rear wheel drive is the most popular, however, front wheel drive models are quickly gaining popularity since they have the capability to perform tight turns. Mid wheel drive models are a little harder to use because they can be difficult to maneuver on certain terrains, especially ones with rough surfaces. Yet, they do have a tight turn radius. After someone has chosen the chair to best suit their needs, they will then have the discretion to outfit their electric wheelchair with accessories to further introduce a bit of personality and flare!

Accessory features for specialized chairs are diverse. A person will have to decide if an electric   tilt  will be needed. This feature will not only  tilt  the seat, but will also set the foot rest to a forty five degree angle to provide ease of getting in and out of the chair. Another feature of powerchairs that is advantageous is the recliner option. This option allows for the seat and foot rests to recline back. Both the  tilt  and recliner options help in relieving pressure sores for people in wheelchairs.

Electric wheelchairs can make life much easier for someone with special needs. If someone does not have the sufficient upper body strength, then they may find that a manual chair is too difficult to maneuver. Choosing an electric wheelchair can be hard because of all the diverse types. The key is knowledge. If someone is educated about the different models available on today’s market, then choosing a wheelchair to fit their needs should be a breeze.