A Guide to Planning Wedding Music For Your Ceremony

Planning The Wedding Music Program

Organising your wedding music for the ceremony is easy once you understand how it all works. Chances are you will have no previous experience in doing this, so the following tips should make your job a lot easier.

Wedding Music – Have It Live

When planning your wedding music, keep in mind that nothing compares with having music performed live in order to create a unique, romantic ambiance. Your wedding is your very special day, so it deserves the best. If however, you cannot afford a wedding entertainer, then you can still use my suggestions to play music on CDs.

Positioning Your Wedding Entertainer

You should place your wedding entertainer in a prominent position at the front, but out of the way of the wedding party. This will ensure that the sound is not blocked, and therefore muffled by people or objects. Also, it is nice for your wedding guests to actually see the musician play.

Planning Your Wedding Prelude

Music during the prelude should be soft and soothing so that it sets a delightful ambience while your guests arrive. It can also help the groom to relax, as well as function as additional wedding entertainment for everyone in the event that the bride arrives late.

Planning Your Wedding Procession

Just before the processional i.e. the Wedding March, it works better if the musician stops playing a few minutes before the bride arrives. If your wedding music program does not include the traditional “Here Comes The Bride” piece for the wedding march then Read More.