A Healthy Sauna Each Day Will Cleanse Your Body of Toxins

If you are a frequent sauna user you already know the value of taking a healthy sauna. Many cultures have used the sauna as healing tool. Native American sweat lodges were used to clean both the spirit and the body of the poisons of life for thousands of years. A healthy sauna meant a warrior would enjoy a healthy mind and body. Northern Europeans and in particular the Finnish people perfected what we call the traditional Finnish sauna more than 1500 years ago. The Finn’s also knew that a healthy sauna meant that your body was clean and well.

Finnish saunas were used to heal people of all types of illnesses including fevers, colds, wounds, broken bones and effects of old age. Frequently a healthy sauna was used to start a pregnant woman’s labor. Saunas were frequently used for giving birth due to the fact that they frequently were the cleanest environment available. In Finland taking a sauna was a family affair that included men, women and children. A sauna was an important part of every Finnish family. Finnish immigrants brought their culture and traditions to the Upper Midwest during the mid to late 1800’s. As they settled in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota they continued their sauna traditions. Many other immigrant cultures discovered the benefits of a healthy sauna and began their own sauna traditions. Many families’s built a sauna adjacent to their homes in order to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy sauna.

In mining communities commercial saunas were established to serve the miners that would emerge from the mine covered with the grime and dirt of hard rock mining. Mining was a tough and rough occupation that required long hours of physical labor deep underground. As a result muscles and joints were frequently inflamed. Working underground in a damp environment caused additional ailments including respiratory diseases. Miners quickly came to know that the best way to remove all the dirt and toxins from their bodies was a hot sauna. The combination of dry and moist heat healed injuries and sprains. A healthy sauna was frequently the only way for a miner to continue to be able to work and provide for his family.

Farmers and loggers also used a sauna to keep their bodies and minds well. A sauna was most appreciated during the long winter months that are part of living near the Lake Superior shore. Cold viruses and fevers were common during winter months and frequently the only source of relief came from a good sauna. Research has since supported what sauna users have know for hundreds of years and that is that a good healthy sauna stimulates the immune system to fight infections.

The benefits of taking a sauna continue today. The traditional sauna is still used to provide all the benefits that have been enjoyed in the past. New technologies in the form of infrared sauna heat sources allow just about anyone to place a sauna in their home. These new saunas provide a dry sauna that provides most of the benefits of the traditional sauna. Now it is easier than ever to enjoy a healthy sauna right in your own home at a very reasonable price.