A Lift Chair For Your Parents

As a child you often feel that your parents are untouchable and very strong, but as you begin to age, you realize that your parents are people just like you. Many times diseases like arthritis affect their ability to move around and it is common for them to have difficulty standing and sitting. Since it is not possible for you always to be around, a lift chair is often used to make standing and sitting safe and easy.

Lift chairs are more popular than ever today and are an investment in safety. This is because the chair can be raised and lowered, which makes it possible to stand or sit safely and without assistance. They can be easily controlled by the person in the chair and use large buttons that are easy to see and feel. This can make standing a simple task and one that does not require help from someone else, so you know that your parents will always be able to stand up, even after they have been sitting for an extended period of time.

These chairs feature a lifting mechanism that is installed to the base of the chair. An attached remote is used to lift the chair into the air and when it is fully raised, the seated individual is able to transfer out of the chair and into a standing position. They are also used to make sitting safer and easier, because they allow the individual to lower themselves in a controlled way. In addition to making standing and sitting easier, these chairs also offer the same functionality as a recliner does. The backrest can be lowered or raised electronically and the footrest is also controlled electronically.

While almost all of the chairs that are available today use an electric motor to lift the chair, a few models are still available that use a spring lifting system. None of the reputable lift chair manufactures offer these chairs, but some are still made overseas and sold to unsuspecting people. The spring system is very dangerous and has caused many injuries, so if you come across a chair that uses this type of system, it should be avoided. Generally a reputable company will not sell this type of chair and the big names in the industry, Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility, have never used this type of system, because of their high commitment to their customers.

When deciding on a chair for your parent, it is a good idea to measure their existing chair first. This will give you a way to compare the lift chairs dimensions to your existing chair and find one that is designed to fit your needs.

It can often be difficult to come to a standing position and if you have to help someone do it, you are increasing your risk of a fall. Investing in a lift chair for your parents will make certain that they will always be able to safely stand without having to rely on you to always be there.