A Loft Ladder Can Be Much More Than Just Simple Attic Access

One of the best solutions to a storage problem is to build a loft. Located under the roof of a house, the loft will save you money from building an outdoor shed. And it provides you quick access to your stored items. You do not have to run outside-you can just simply climb up a loft stair and get what you want in the loft.

Sometimes, though, the loft stair can become a problem, especially if space is a premium inside your house. Arguably, the loft stair takes some space. If you are planning to build a loft but wary of the space that a loft stair would consume, then you should consider deleting stairs from your plan and just get a loft ladder.

Building a structure will cost you money. Material for a staircase is expensive. Unless you have incredibly polished carpentry skills, you will not be able to build a loft staircase with your own hands-you will need to pay a professional to build the loft staircase. Normally, a loft staircase would cost you a thousand dollars or so. But with a ladder, you only need to spend an average of a hundred bucks.

Loft ladders are made from a variety of materials. Because of its light weight and durable quality, aluminum is a popular material for a ladder up to a loft or attic. For those who are looking for a more heavy-duty ladder, one made of steel would be the best solution. Steel ladders could certainly handle heavy-duty use and last a lifetime. Another very popular material for a ladder is of course, wood. Wooden ladders normally cost more than metallic loft ladders, but they are valued for their optimum tread depth.

Three Section Loft Ladder

The most popular type of ladder is the three section one. This type of loft ladder is preferred by many homeowners because it is very easy to install. A three section ladder normally has wide and comfortable treads. Some three section loft ones feature hand rails for additional safety.

Concertina Loft Ladder

A concertina loft ladder is another popular design. A concertina loft ladder is perfect for if your loft opening or floor space is very limited. It is typically affixed to the loft itself. If you want to access this space, you can just grab the handle attached to it and pull it down and it will easily expand.

Telescopic Ladder

Another popular type of loft ladder is the telescopic ladder. This one provides an easy storage option because it can be retracted into a compact size. Usually made from aluminum, a telescopic loft ladder is very light and easy to carry around.

Before you buy your ladder, you need to make several considerations. First, you need to measure the size of the hole in the loft. You do not want to get an over-sized ladder, so be sure to take exact measurements. Another thing that you need to measure is the distance from the loft to the floor. This is very important. Some people would just buy a ladder for their loft without measuring the vertical height from the loft to the floor. Thus, they end up getting one that is too short for their loft.